Since 2009, centering on the open government construction, Chenzhou City has vigorously promoted the administrative approval system reform which focuses on the "Two Concentrations and Two In-Places", and has put efforts on the construction of "Government Affairs Supermarket" which integrates such five functions as administrative approval, social services, transparent government affairs, online administrative approval, and efficiency supervision, having achieved a great breakthrough in the reform of the administrative approval system. The environment of the city's government affairs is evidently optimized, and its competitive force has also remarkably increased. Leaders including Secretary of Hunan Province Zhou Qiang have given high regards for the work, holding it distinct and worthy of being popularized to the whole province.

To thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, based on such laws and regulations as the Administrative Permission Law, concentrating on the goal of building "Two Criteria City", we abide by the principle of "first come first serve" to implement the reform of "Two Concentrations and Two In-Places", perfect the present administrative approval mechanism to construct a new one characteristic of high efficiency, cleanness and honesty, openness and transparency, as well as convenience to the people; improve the efficiency of administrative approval, and optimize the government affairs environment to build Chenzhou into a city with the least yet most efficient and best administrative approval services in the province thus propelling its leap-frog development in the areas of socio-economy and science.

"Two Concentrations and Two In-Places": Two Concentrations refer to concentrating the separate functions of administrative approval originally scattered in different divisions or offices to one division or office of the city's Center for Governmental Services;Two In-Places refer that the approval in the Center for Governmental Services of Chenzhou City (hereinafter shorten as the Center)(city-level) is in place, and the authority for approval is rendered to specific windows in place as well.

"Government Affairs Supermarket": a new-type government affairs service platform integrating such five functions as administrative approval, social service, transparent government affairs, online administrative approval, and efficiency supervision. With this platform, all administrative items could be done at corresponding service windows of the Center as long as they are related to enterprises or the general public who would like to seek for official signatures or take certificates or stamp documents (or files) in government departments.

"Two Criteria City" Construction: it is a development strategy proposed by the CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee and Chenzhou Government of building Chenzhou into "the most open city of Hunan and a central city across the regions of Hunan, Guangdong, and Jiangxi provinces".
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