Date of Chinese New Year 2015: Feb.18, 2015 (Chinese New Year's Eve) to Mar. 5, 2015 (Lantern Festival)

In accordance to the lunar calendar, the celebration of Chinese New Year 2015, Year of the Sheep lasts from Feb.18, 2015 (Chinese New Year's Eve) to Mar. 5, 2015 (Lantern Festival). Celebrations includes having annual reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve ....


Chinese Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history, is the grandest and the most important festival for Chinese people. The origin of the Lunar New Year Festival can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty (about 17th - 11th century BC), involving a series of colorful legends and traditions ...

  • The 10th Day Before the New Year Day - Day of Sweeping the Grounds

    The 20th of the Twelfth Lunar Month has been set aside for annual housecleaning, or the "sweeping of the grounds". Every corner of the house is swept and cleaned in preparation for the New Year.

  • Preliminary Eve

    Every 23rd or 24th day of the 12th lunar month is called Preliminary Eve, or xiaonian. It's the start of the whole Spring Festival Celebration. On this day people offer sacrifices to the kitchen God, and most families make delicious food for their family members.

  • The New Year's Eve - Reunion Dinner

    A reunion dinner is held on New Year's Eve when members of a family, near and far, get together for the celebration. On this day, the China Central TV*s Spring Festival Performance is a must for most of Chinese. It adds great festive atmosphere to the tradition.

  • The First Day of the New Year

    New Year's Day is also celebrated within the family. Usually family members gather on the morning of New Year's Day. It is at this gathering that red packets are given to unmarried members of the family. Red packets are also given to unmarried visitors but the sums are often smaller than the packets given to family members or close friends.

  • The Second Day of the New Year

    The second day of the New Year is usually for visiting the family of the wife if married. A large feast is also typically held on the second day of the New Year.

  • The Third to the Seventh Day

    From the third day to the seventh day, people go out to visit relatives and friends.

  • The Eighth Day

    The eighth day is the end of the official New Year Holiday and people go to work on this day. All government agencies and business stop celebrating on the eighth day.

  • The 15th Day of the New Year - Lantern Festival

    The New Year celebrations end on the 15th of the First Moon with the Lantern Festival. On the evening of that day, people used to carry lanterns into the streets to take part in a great parade. Young men would highlight the parade with a dragon dance.


You can improve the chance of a stress-free holiday by planning ahead and taking some simple precautions during Chinese New Year holiday period.

  • Health comes first! Before you leave home, make sure you know how your personal health could be affected by your destination.
  • Road accidents are common. If you are driving, make sure to have plenty of sleep before you hit the road. Avoid travelling by car at night and break up longer trips into shorter, more manageable drives.
  • If you are travelling to unfamiliar destinations or remote areas, be sure to gather information on how to access your assistance services provider in case of an emergency.

Happy New Year!

Hope everything goes well!

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