With the Hunan Liuyang Biomedical Park as the core, the Changsha Bio & Information Industry Park (CBIP) is the only national biological industry base in central and western China approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in Oct. 2006.

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Changsha Bio & Information Industry Park (CBIP)

With the Hunan Liuyang Biomedical Park as the core, the Changsha Bio & Information Industry Park (CBIP) is the only national biological industry base in central and western China approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in Oct. 2006.

30 km away from Changsha to the east, 25 km from the city proper of Liuyang to the west, 35 km from Xia’ning Port and 18 km from Changsha Huanghua International Airport, the CBIP boasts distinctive geographical superiority and convenient transportation. The Changsha-Yong’an Highway (319 National Highway) passes through the park from east to west and Yueyang-Rucheng Expressway from south to north, and moreover, it is adjacent to the Kaiyuan East Road and Changsha-Liuyang Expressway.

Located in the hub of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan economic circle, the CBIP has become one of the core areas of Changsha’s high-tech industrial corridor, and the bridgehead for domestic and foreign enterprises to seek markets in central and mid-western regions.

At present, the park is the home to 43 pharmaceutical factories, 12 food factories, 20 biological agriculture enterprises, 26 medical science and technology enterprises, 4 commercial pharmaceutical companies, 15 supporting enterprises, as well as 3 large-scale enterprise clusters producing mobile phone accessories and featuring information technology enterprises as the core.








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Hunan Medical Science & Technology Incubation Center

It includes a new medicine R&D lab and pilot base, a biological diagnosis reagents pilot base and various supporting funds. It was also approved by the Hunan Provincial Department of Personnel as the “Hunan Business Starting Park for Overseas Returnees of Medicine”, one of Changsha’s two provincial business starting parks for people with overseas study experience.



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Hunan Animal Experiment Center

As one of the six science and technology platforms marked out in the "11th Five-year Plan" of Hunan, it provides qualified ?laboratory animals and the services related to pharmacology, toxicology, pathophysiology, oncology, etc. for the province and the whole country. Under the management and operation of Duke University of USA, the center breeds 6,000 rabbits and 100,000 experimental mice of various kinds annually.



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Zhongnan Medicine Logistics Center

With a total investment of 200 million yuan, it covers an area of 500 mu (about 333,333 square meters), of which the phaseⅠproject accounts for 180 mu (120,000 square meters). It has an exhibition and trading center covering 14,000 square meters, a warehousing center of 12,000 square meters, and a center for medicine trading and inspection and supporting services which spans 16,000 square meters.



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Technology Counseling Center for Standardized Planting of Medicinal Herbs

The CBIP has set up a seedling planting base and technology counseling center for standardized planting of medicinal herbs which covers an area of 430 mu (about 286,667 square meters), and joined hands with the Huaihua Municipal Government to build an extraction center and decoction pieces market covering 2,000 mu (about 1,333,333 square meters) and a GAP medicinal materials base spanning 200,000 mu (about 133,333,333 square meters), supplying abundant raw materials for the enterprises in the park.



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Processing Entrusted Service Center

The Base Industrialization Service Center can organize the enterprises to entrust processing to one another, integrate the types of all medicaments and their production capacity, reduce the redundant construction cost, combine the advantages of each other, and jointly undertake the processing business entrusted by foreign enterprises, thus creating new profit growth points.



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Hunan Medical Talents Exchange Center

The Medical Talents Exchange Center was established in the park under the approval of the personnel departments of Changsha and Hunan, to seek out the related technical talents across the province.



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Wanheyuan Irradiation Center

Invested and built by Fujian Wanheyuan Co., Ltd., it is the largest irradiation sterilization center in Hunan, providing irradiation and sterilization services for the products of medicine, food, chemical enterprises, etc.



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The climate:

Subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, rainy and wet in spring and summer, cold and dry in autumn and winter.

The average annual temperature is 16.4-18.2℃, and the average annual rainfall 1422.4-1556.4 mm.




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Industrial environment:

Designed by Tongji University in Shanghai according to the core functions, the park is divided into R & D area, enterprise incubation area, production and processing area, logistics center and green square, residential area, and management and supporting facilities area. Revolving around human activities, all these areas or centers cooperate and coordinate with each other, and are connected with the surrounding transportation based on the natural environment in a bid to “advocate science and technology, and approach the nature”. In recent years, the park has absorbed nearly 200 enterprises of various kinds, of which 136 are manufacturing enterprises. The industries here are coordinating with one another perfectly.



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Supporting infrastructure:

There is a waterworks with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, a sewage treatment plant with a wastewater treatment capacity of 50,000 tons, a 110KV substation, and a compressed natural gas station to centralize gas-supply for the major gas consumers. Currently, the park is cooperating with ENN Group to construct an intelligent centralized heat supply system, and meanwhile the pipeline transportation project of natural gas has been launched by China Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Co., Ltd.



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Living environment:

The greening area per capita in the park reaches 50 square meters, and the quality of air and drinking water comes up to the national first-level standard.

The park provides a beautiful and comfortable living environment for people as the hotel, hospital, school, indoor basketball court and other cultural recreation facilities can be found here, the high-grade residence community, park, commercial pedestrian street, etc. are taking shape, all varieties of basic facilities and services such as water, electricity, natural gas, telecommunication, and broadband are available, and moreover, the bus delivers people from the park to Changsha Railway Station every one hour.




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Planning of the park:

Divided into East Park, West Park, and South Park, the CBIP covers an area of 28 square kilometers and a total control area of 60 square kilometers, and houses a population of 300,000 people. It includes 2 areas (namely, central business area and recreational area), and 5 parks (i.e., biomedicine park, healthy food park, biological environmental protection park, medical equipment park, and Hunan 9 + 2 science and technology park), and forms industrial clusters of biological medicine, high-tech food, environmental protection, biological manufacturing and so on. The medicine culture tourism, rehabilitation, sports and leisure, vocational education, etc. are developing together here, turning the park into a modern ecological health center full of vigor and vitality.



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Preferential policy on land:

For the industrial projects with the fixed asset investment exceeding 20 million yuan, the benchmark price for industrial land is 150,000 yuan per mu (about 667 square meters). As for high-quality projects, special policy shall be discussed and determined. In principle, the standard workshops are provided for the projects with the investment not surpassing 20 million yuan. It is planned to build 200,000 square meters of standard workshops in the park, and 30,000 square meters has already been developed, with the monthly rent being 8 - 10 yuan per square meter.

The benchmark price for developing the comprehensive land is 500,000 yuan per mu.




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Tax policy:

The enterprises in the park can enjoy the preferential policies for national high-tech enterprises. The park has relatively strong capability and large space for control and adjustment as it owns first-grade financial management system and cashbox. For the enterprises that bring in large amounts of taxes for the country, part of the taxes paid to the local government will be granted back to the enterprises by a certain proportion for investment expansion.




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Industrial support policy:

As the only national biological industry base in Hunan Province, the CBIP will assist enterprises to obtain the construction funds for various sci-tech platforms, the special funds granted by the National Development and Reform Commission for high-tech industrialization, the high-tech guiding funds of science and technology institutes, the special funds for technical reform by the economic committees, as well as the governmental reward funds for the approved “Well-known Trademarks in China”. The park also sets up the fund for supporting the development of SMEs, the science and technology incubation fund, and the mutual assistance guarantee fund for SMEs and so on.



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Administrative preferential policy

As a “No-Fee Park”, the CBIP is exempted from the administrative fees at the corresponding level, and implements "closed-off" management. A SMEs Service Center is established in the park to handle the procedures including project establishment and approval, industrial & commercial registration, tax registration, environmental protection, land development, planning, construction report, etc.



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