The 2009 Central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Fair was in full swing. Over 2000 enterprises across the country participated in the fair where the total trade volume has amounted to more than 10 billion yuan for the past five days, with over
120,000 people shopping each day.

On the afternoon of November 23, Zhang Chunxian, secretary of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress, together with other provincial leaders Xu Yunzhao, Chen Run'er, Xu Minghua, paid a visit to the fair held in the Changsha Red Star International Exhibition Center. The delegation visited many enterprises' exhibition booths, including Hunan Jinxia Grain-circulation Co. Ltd., Hunan Mingyuan Bee Industry Co. Ltd., Hunan Tangrenshen Group Co. Ltd., Hunan Linwu Shunhua Duck Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Tea Co., Ltd., Hunan Jinhao Camellia Oil Corp., Ltd., and so on. Zhang pointed out that the fair has provided a good platform for Hunan agricultural enterprises to expand their markets, strengthen mutual cooperation and create leading brands.
He also stressed that agricultural fairs should not only accord with the local consumer culture, but also meet the needs of promoting famous enterprises and brands from home and abroad. Hunan agricultural fairs are expected to form their own characteristics and enhance their influence through
upgraded products.Zhang also hoped to improve the level of agricultural modernization in Hunan based on further research on agricultural fairs and on superior agricultural resources in Hunan.
On November 22, a flower gardening exhibition promoted by "2009 Central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Expo" kicked off in the southern square of Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Various gardening works displayed in the exhibition feasted the eyes of Changsha citizens.

In the exhibition, the most conspicuous works were two spherical "green houses" and the "flower peacock". The two ball-like "green houses" were covered with earth-free energy-conserving grass, which were novel to Changsha citizens, and the "flower peacock" was made of hundreds of pots of chrysanthemums with different colors. Thousands of audiences walked in the sea of flowers to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
At 10:38 a.m. on November 18, the 2009 Central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Expo was ceremoniously unveiled in the Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural systems of the six provinces in Central China (Henan, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Hunan, and Jiangxi), and representatives of cities, districts and counties across Hunan Province as well as other organizations were present at the opening ceremony.

This is the first exhibition since the Hunan Agricultural Fair changed its name to the Central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Expo, the first time that the six provinces of Central China have jointly initiated an expo to push forward large-scale cooperation, exchange and development in agriculture, and also the first exhibition of its kind sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Before the opening ceremony began, the leaders present conducted a patrol of the exhibition hall, and a colorful artistic performance on the theme of "Songs over Central China" was staged.
During the exhibition, the activity of "thousands of enterprises forming a union to seek common development" will be carried out with the joint efforts of the United Front Work Department of the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee and the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The quality of the exhibitions has reached a higher grade. The Changsha Agriculture Office set outstanding exhibition awards specially for companies of this city to spur them to improve their exhibition level. The participants in the expo mainly come from the industries of deep processing of agricultural products, green food, and high-quality brand-name fruits. This embodies the fact that that Hunan Province is becoming a strong agriculture province.