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15 July 2015

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Key Projects for Improving People’s Lives in 2015

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1. To construct 5,000-kilometer-long rural roads and complete security facility construction of 15-thousand-kilometer-long ordinary roads


2. To ensure availability of safe drinking water for 3.6 million rural residents


3. To create 700,000 urban jobs


4. To build 500 qualified schools for compulsory education and 200 rural public kindergartens


5. To promote urban-rural affordable housing projects for public rental housing, rural dangerous housing, urban shantytowns and industrial and mining shantytowns, specified in renovating 130 thousand rural (agricultural reclamation) dangerous houses, increasing 160 thousand sets of public rental houses, and renovating 220 thousand sets of urban shantytowns and 10 thousand sets of state-owned industrial and mining shantytowns


6. To accelerate the infrastructure construction for supply of water and gas to urban areas, as well as treatment of urban sewage and garbage, specified in increasing 320 thousand household users of pipeline gas, ensuring water quality standard of urban public water supply factories above county level, and achieving the disposal rate of urban wastewater of over 90% and harmless disposal rate of household garbage of 95% above


7. To make rescue-style recovery available to 5,000 disabled children between 0 to 7 years old


8. To treat and cure 11 thousand poverty-stricken patients suffering from severe mental illnesses, and transform and expand 20 mental health service organizations


9. To add 30 thousand video surveillance cameras for public security


10. To construct 50 community correctional centers


11. To increase 20 thousand beds for pension service


12. To transform 300 free markets of agricultural products according to standards


13. To promote comprehensive environment improvement in 1,200 administrative villages


14. To realize the broadcast working in every administrative village of 40 counties


15. To upgrade power distribution network in 600 administrative villages