September 13 to 14, 2014

Orange Isle Beach Park, Changsha

Ticket Categories:
Student Tickets: RMB 100;
Presale: RMB 120;
At Entrance: RMB 150

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A mecca for music fans, Orange Isle Music Festival blends rock, metal, pop, jazz and all the genres of music, drawing attendees from all over the world. Held in downtown Changsha, it stands in line as king among all festivals. An equally awesome lineup is all but guaranteed and biggest- stars from home and abroad will put on brilliant live performances this year. If you're looking for one full, action-packed day of watching bands, Orange Isle Music Festival is a great place to go and probably not too far from you.

It is top-notch and super-relaxing for music fans to escape from busy urban life and energize themselves with vigor of music.

As an eye-catching name card of Changsha and an emerging international cultural exchange platform, Orange Isle Music Festival has made great progress in promoting its brand globally after six years of development. It has become one of the five top-tier music festivals in China in terms of scale and influence, praised as the music festival with greatest commercial potential in Chinese mainland and one of the best music festivals in the whole country...

  • G.E.M. (HK)

    Gloria Tang Tsz-kei, better known by her stage name G.E.M. (“Get Everybody Moving”), is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, and actress. She found fame at 16. Her debut music release, the self-titled EP G.E.M. (2008), brought her great attention from the music industry, winning her the title of 'Best New Artist'. She is also one of Hong Kong's top selling artists and was titled 2013 IFPI Hong Kong Top Selling Female Performer. She also won the 'Favorite Asian Act' award in America's Kid's Choice Awards 2014 this year.
    Hit singles: Bubble; A.I.N.Y.; Sleeping Beauty;Sandglass

  • A-Yue (TW)

    Chang Chen-yue, also known as A-Yue,is a Taiwanese rock musician. He is known for his 1998 hit song "Ai Wo Bie Zou" (Love Me, Don’t Go). He is a songwriter, singer and guitarist, and also a dance music DJ with the stage name- DJ Orange. The Taiwanese rock musician won Best Mandarin Album at the 25th Golden Melody Awards 2014 with his album "I Am Ayal Komod."
    Hit singles: Love Me, Don’t Go; Freedom; Free Night; Used Guitar

  • Morbid Saint (US)

    MORBID SAINT is an American thrash metal band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. After an extended hiatus, Morbid Saint is back to remind old fans of the hardcore, extreme thrash that made them classic and introduce new fans to what they've been missing all these years. Thanks to the internet and social media, their albums are now known worldwide and hailed as classic treasures of thrash metal at its finest.
    Albums: Spectrum of Death; Destruction System; Spectrum of Europe Tour

  • Jay Dub & J. Crew

    Jay Dub, band leader for "J.Crew", a Hip-Hop fusion band based in Beijing, China. He is currently based in Beijing, China. Since his arrival in China in 2009, Jay Dub has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments and credits, including being the music producer/arranger for both X Factor (China) and The Voice (China) TV shows, being a featured performer on Shanghai JZ International Jazz festival since 2011. As the only person with vast skill-set and such a large reputation in China, be on the lookout for Jay Dub who is all ser to make a worldwide impact.
    Hit singles: One Step Closer; Summer Madness

  • Transition (UK)

    Transition are a three piece British rock band creating music that touches the soul - a fusion of eastern and western musical influence! Their roots are in Bristol, U.K, but they combine this rock foundation with Asian rhythm and melody, producing music that inspires audiences from both sides of the globe. Their first ever mandarin album “Kua Yue” stayed in the Taiwanese independent charts top 5 for most of December 2013!
    Hit singles: Sorry My Chinese Isn’t so Good; Borderlands

  • Omnipotent Youth Society

    Omnipotent Youth Society (OYS) is being touted as the next big thing in Chinese rock. Having only released an independently produced acoustic EP prior, their self-titled full-length debut appeared in 2010. Ever since, the band has been grabbing awards left, right and centre, becoming the subject of massive hype and being embraced by the media.
    Hit singles: Kill the Man from Shijiazhuang; Useless Comedy

  • The Life Journey

    The Life Journey is a new indie band from mainland China. They "use their music to show the beauty of their hometown. They are excellent musicians who sing in both English and Chinese. Their genre is a combination of folk and Chinese contemporary pop. They make great live entertainment, with stellar performance presence and fashion sense.
    Hit singles: Long/Summer Holiday; Waiting for You for Dinner

  • Muma

    Muma is one of the most influential rock bands in China. The band Muma was formed in July 1998 and has quickly established itself as a core element of Beijing’s rock scene. Muma was continuously awarded “Best Rock Act” and“Best Rock Band” by the Chinese Music Media Awards and the Pepsi Music Awards. Muma & Third Party held a performance in Poly Theatre in Beijing, 2013. This was the first unplugged show of rock genre in China.
    Hit singles: Muma; Yellow Star; Jelly Empire

All-star Bands

Basically all the bands that have performed in domestic well-known music festivals have been invited.

Outstanding Local Bands

4 excellent bands of Hunan Original Music Show will perform on the stage. Headed by super music stars, a revolution of local rock bands and original music is just around the corner.

High-caliber Volunteers

Volunteers with excellent command over English language will provide international guests and overseas bands with quality services.

Environmental Awareness Promotion

More than 120 volunteers will be available on the spot to provide high-quality services. Featured activities on environmental protection will also be launched by related local organizations.

Cathy and Creative Slogans

Catchy and creative slogans have been collected from the public to showcase their wisdom and present the festival’s characteristics.

Various Recreational Activities

The venue, Orange Isle Beach Park, has been divided into ten separate zones, including Performance Area, Audience Area and Food Area.

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