Fellow Deputies,
On behalf of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the Hunan Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and other representatives present to submit comments and suggestions.

In the past five years, under the firm leadership of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Council and the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, in accordance with the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development and based on the good foundation laid by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People's Government, we vigorously promoted the construction of “Two-Oriented” Society (resource-saving and environment-friendly society) and new-type industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and informationization. We won the battle against low-temperature freezing rain and snow and other rare natural disasters, calmly dealt with the sustained downturn of international economic development, overcame energy shortage, financial strain, increasing inflationary pressure and other difficulties, and overfulfilled the targets and tasks set forth at the First Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial People's Congress.

(1) The economic aggregate achieved one trillion yuan, reaching a new high.
The GDP reached 2.2 trillion yuan, exceeding the two trillion yuan mark for the first time, an average annual growth of 13.3%, ranking national top ten for five consecutive years. The non-public sectors of the economy amounted to 1.28 trillion yuan, surpassing one trillion yuan for the first time and an average annual increase of 14.6%. Financial support amounted to 1.32 trillionyuan; the loan balance of financial institutions in the province which had exceeded one trillion yuan in 2008 and 2010, surpassed two trillion yuan in 2012.
(2) Transformation has been promoted in economic development, leading to increase in economic benefits from the development.
The total fiscal revenue reached 293.18 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 21.2% and 2.6 times than that of 2007. Structural adjustment has been accelerated. The structure of primary, secondary and tertiary industries was adjusted to 13.647.439 from in 2007.

The quality of industrial development has been notably improved. The added value of scale industry achieved 856.75 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 19.4% and 3 times than that of 2007, with the profit reaching132 billion yuan, 2.7 times of that in 2007; industrial clustering has sped up, and 6 new industries with output value reaching one hundred billion yuan have appeared over the five years, totaling the number to 9; the added value of the seven emerging industries of strategic importance accounted for 10.3% of the regional GDP, and the added value of high-tech industry witnessed an average annual rise of 31.6%.

The position of agriculture as the foundation of national economy has been further consolidated. 5,085 reservoirs of various kinds have been reinforced, ensuring drinking water safety for 14.6 million residents in rural areas; balance of construction land and compensation of arable land has been achieved with success for 12 consecutive years, and the total output of grain has realized growth for nine consecutive years; the sales revenue of above-scale agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises rose by 33.8% annually on average, the output of grain and oil deep processing and logistics industries exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the comprehensive agricultural service system has improved considerably.

The quality of modern service industry has been enhanced noticeably. The productive service industry now takes up a proportion of 17.3% of the regional GDP. The total revenue of tourism sector came up to 223.41 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 21.3%.The investment structure has further improved. The ratio of private investment has surged to 60.6% among all the investment; the investment on industrial development, infrastructure construction, projects for improving people's livelihood and ecological construction are 3.9 times, 2.7 times and 3.9 times than that in 2007 respectively . The consumption level has been improved. The total retail sales of social consumer goods is 2.3 times higher than that of 2007, and the trading volume of e-commerce exceeded 60 billion yuan.

Efforts have been made to extensively develop an innovative Hunan. During the past five years, we have acquired more than 4,500 scientific and technological achievements, including the "Tianhe No.1" super computer system and super hybrid rice breeding technology; we have reaped 68,000 authorized patents, and newly developed 174 well-known trademarks. We have made firm and steady steps to develop a Digital Hunan. The geo-spatial framework has been preliminarily established. We have further promoted the integration of informationization and industrialization, sped up construction of a batch of national information industry bases and pilot areas, and realized rapid development of electronic information industry.
(3) Leap-forward development has been made in infrastructure construction.
In the five years, 9,743 major infrastructure projects have been carried out, with the investment surpassing one trillion yuan. In transportation, a three-dimensional traffic pattern featuring efficient external transportation links and smooth traffic circulation has taken initial shape. Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway was effectively completed, running through the country from north to south, and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway’s construction has been accelerated; the mileage of railway increased by 1,071.7 kilometers during these five years to 3,840.7 kilometers; enormous progress has been made in expressway construction. The traffic mileage increased by 2,213 kilometers to 3,969 kilometers, and the number of channels connecting Hunan to other provinces reached 15; the traffic mileage of highway, extended by 58,600 kilometers, reached 234,000 kilometers in all; a batch of significant water transportation projects such as Chenglingji New Port project and Yilu kiloton fairway reconstruction project have been completed and put into operation; the passenger handling capacity of airport increased by 10.7% annually on average, with Changsha Huanghua International Airport developing into one of the top 100 global airports for its handling capacity.

In the field of energy, a powerful support system with rational layout has taken initial shape. The installed power capacity reached 32.785 million kilowatts, an increase of 55% over 2007; rapid development was realized in wind power, biomass energy and other new energy sources; nine cities has been covered by natural gas; a 500 KV main grid traversing from north to south and from east to west has been established.

New urbanization was sped up. The urbanization rate reached 46.7%, 6.2 percentage points higher than 2007. Changsha and Changde were included in national civilized cities, Zhushuqiao Water Diversion Project in Liuyang was completed and put into production; a large number of model villages with rich inhabitants, beautiful living environment and a general agreeable atmosphere sprang up.
(4) The "Two-Oriented" Society construction became the new engine of regional development.
The first phase of reform and construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan (CZT) pilot area has been fulfilled. We have implemented 106 original reforms in key areas, and took the lead nationwide in setting up systems on standards, check-up and evaluation, supervision, regulations and demonstration for "Two-Oriented" Society construction; with successful integration and upgrading of communication network, completion of the half-hour comprehensive three-dimensional traffic, comprehensive hub for water storage and navigation of Changsha section of Xiangjiang River, and Xiangjiang scenery belt as examples, the three cities, Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan made significant progress hand in hand in traffic network construction, energy integration, information sharing, ecological construction and environmental treatment. The role of CZT in stimulating economic growth was intensified. The economic output of the three cities accounted for 42.6% of the whole province. The GDP of South Hunan, West Hunan and Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone witnessed an average annual growth of 13.3%, 12.6%, 13.9% respectively. The construction of Green Hunan was launched. The tasks of energy-saving and emission reduction have been accomplished, resulting in the unit GDP energy consumption falling 20.4% in five years. Moreover, all the cities and towns above county level have been covered by sewage and garbage disposal facilities. The three-year plan on water pollution control in Xiangjiang River basin was successfully implemented, with the water quality of Xiangjiang River and Dongting Lake markedly improved, and the construction of Changsha Yanghu Wetland Park was initially completed. We took smooth steps towards comprehensive treatment of rocky desertification, construction of protection forest, conservation of important water sources, geological disaster prevention and other ecological restoration projects. We have successfully transformed Langshan Mountain into a World Heritage site, and retained the forest coverage rate at more than 57%. The air quality of 14 cities and prefecture all reached national Grade II.
(5) A new scenario for internal and external interaction in reform and opening up has been formed.
The reform of provincial state-owned enterprises has been further deepened and will soon enter the completion stage, with overall state-owned capitals supervision organization system established. We have also steadfastly pushed forward reform of administrative management system and public institutions. Reforms of fiscal system below the provincial level and of county finances directly under the management of provincial governments have achieved obvious progress. Development of financial reform scored historic progress. Hua Rong Xiang Jiang Bank and Jixiang Life opened up, primarily establishing local financial service system covering bank, insurance, securities, trust and futures; we completed investigation for local financial enterprises’ assets for the first time. New breakthroughs have been made in overall rural reform, with the second round of land renewal as well as collective forest property right system reform fully completed; water conservancy reform piloted places have finished their tasks of this phase. Resource product price reform has been steadfastly promoted and tiered pricing for electricity has been put into trial use across the province. Development of open economy has been speeding up. Total import and export volume and processing trade volume stand at 2.3 and 7.8 folds that of 2007, reaching 21.94 billion US dollars and 6.37 billion US dollars respectively; actual utilized foreign capital grew by 17.4% to 7.28 billion US dollars with currently 127 World Top 500 enterprises making investments in Hunan; Zoomlion Heavy Industry, CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. ltd., and Baling Petrochemical Corp made breakthroughs in their cross-nation operations; exemplary areas of national industry transfer in Hunan have been launched, with Hengyang comprehensive bonded areas being approved, direct line between Chenglingji port to Hong Kong and Macao has been put into operation; strategic cooperation has been carried forward with 37 ministries and commissions and 34 central enterprises, introducing 248 cooperation programs with central enterprises.
(6) People’s livelihood embraced sustained improvements.
Direct fiscal expenditure to improve people’s livelihood totalled 924.64 billion yuan, accounting for 64.7% of the total fiscal expenditure. Over the five years, 151 programs to address citizens’ real concerns saw completion. Residents’ revenues continue to rise. Per capita annual disposable income of urban residents grew by 11.6% to 21,300 yuan; per capita net annual revenue of rural residents increased by 13.8% to 7,440 yuan. Employment opportunities grew in a stable manner. Over the five years, 4.236 million more job seekers found jobs in urban areas, reducing the number of families with no employed members to zero. Urban registered unemployment rate has been controlled below 4.3% and 13.4 million rural labor forces have been transferred for employment.

Social insurance and relief system is becoming all-compassing, with basic endowment insurance, basic medical insurance and subsistence security system covering both urban and rural areas and industry injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance covering all members of the society. Commodity prices have become relatively stable. We have in addition to all the above stated reforms, established mechanisms to connect social relief and insurance standard with price hike. Effective disaster prevention and control has been achieved, assisting and rescuing over 22 million people. Government-subsidized housing project has been vigorously pushed forward, completing investment of 96.78 billion yuan for various government-subsidized houses construction and shantytown transformation, totaling 899,000 units, and addressing housing issues of 1.073 million households with housing-difficulties and over 500,000 rural extremely-poverty-stricken households. Poverty-relief efforts have entered a new stage. In the five years, we lifted 2.288 million people out of poverty. Wuling Mountain and Luoxiao Mountain areas have been included into poverty-relief trial program for national poverty-stricken covered areas.
(7) Fresh progress has been made in cultural undertakings and industrial reforms.
Activities to promote cultural and ethnical progress based on the system of core socialist values have been deeply carried out. 23 non-political newspapers and magazines publishing units have respectively finished their transformation into enterprises, while VOC (www.voc.com.cn/) has accelerated its transformation as a commercial entity into a real business. Public cultural facilities network developed to cover urban and rural areas in the main, for instance, various cultural venues like public museums opened to the public free of charge. 13 cultural works won National Best Works Awards. The added value of cultural and creative industry grew by an average annual rate of 21.4%, expecting to reach 11.75 billion yuan and accounting for 5.2% of the total output value of the province. The stock market flotation of several leading cultural enterprises showcases Hunan’s brand effects and brilliant advantages on TV and broadcasting, publishing, animation and art performance, represented by Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd., Talkweb Information System Co., Ltd., China South Publishing & Media Group and Hunan Tangel Publishing Co., Ltd.
(8) A new stage has been reached in efforts to usher harmonious and stable development of the society.
The strategy of developing Hunan through science and education has been thoroughly implemented. Nine-year compulsory education has been enforced in urban and rural areas, higher education improved remarkably and vocational education developed coinciding with industrial demands. Overall reform in medical and healthcare system was propelled, resulting in improvement of services in community-based medical and healthcare institutions and effective handling of public health emergencies. Quality of population continued to maintain steady development, and treatment on banning identification of the sex of a fetus for other than medical purpose and termination of pregnancy has been well organized. Public sports service mechanism came into shape while competitive sports were popularized. Measures have been taken to intensify food and drug safety. Works have been done to contribute to the accomplishment of the second national economic census and the sixth nationwide population census, in which the online direct submission system of key firms improved greatly and played a significant role. Innovations in social administration developed rapidly. Measures have been taken to maintain workplace safety. Well-organized public order keeps the province safe and stable.
(9) Development of a law-based government has reached a new stage.
The governments voluntarily accepted oversight by the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress and its standing committee as well as democratic oversight by the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee, fully pondered over the opinions and suggestions from the democratic parties, federations of industry and commerce and public figures without party affiliation. Administrative oversight and auditing supervision as well as oversight by the masses and news media have been strengthened. Proposals from delegates of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress and members of the CCPCC Hunan Provincial Committee were highly valued and effectively handled. Hunan took the lead in the development of a law-based government across the country. A law-based administrative system featuring “One Plan, Two Provisions and Six Measures” (i.e. “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Law-based Government Development of Hunan Province“; “Hunan Provincial Administrative Procedures Provisions” and “Provisions on Government Services of Hunan Province”; “Measures of Hunan Province on Regulating Administrative Discretion Power”, “Measures of Hunan Province for the Management of Normative Documents”, “Guiding Measures of Hunan Province for Administrative Law Enforcement Cases”, “Measures of Hunan Province on Assessment of Law-based Administration”, “Measures of Hunan Province for the Implementation of ‘Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information’”, and “Measures of Hunan Province on the Expert Advisory for Major Administrative Decision-Making”) has emerged, and accordingly normative documents registration system has been fully implemented and over 1,000 administrative procedures were reduced and simplified. Scientific, democratic and law-based policymaking has been promoted through more than 1,800 public hearings on major policy decisions. 39 local draft laws and regulations were submitted to the standing committee of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, and 41 regulations have been formulated. Transparency of government has been increased in that the online government services and E-supervision system came into operation, and both of the Chinese and English Web Portal of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government ranked top 10 in the country for five successive years. Performance appraisals were carried forward steadily to build a diligent and clean government. Audition system for villager committee election got popularized, with the seventh and eighth community committee election launched with success, and rural community pilots established in 2,546 villages.
(10) New progress has been made in improving the capacity for national defense and capability of reserve forces.
National defense mobilization development plan was formulated to improve military service. The public awareness of the importance of national defense rose, and the groundwork for national defense mobilization has been further strengthened. Militia force building has been put in transition, while the reserve forces and people’s militia force have soared in their capabilities for accomplishing a wide range of military tasks. Unity between the government and the military and between the military and the civilians increased. The PLA forces stationed in Hunan, armed forces, militia and reserve forces vigorously contributed to the construction of "four modernizations" (new industrialization, agricultural modernization, urbanization and informatization) and the "Two-Oriented" Society.

Fellow deputies, over the past five years we have stood firm when faced with arduous tests and overcame numerous challenges. We have persisted in taking economic development as the central task, fulfilled the Central Government’s macroeconomic policy in a creative manner, so as to try to raise Hunan’s total economic output and the per capita output and enhance the quality of economic operation. We kept a sharp eye on the development of key projects, concentrated on improving people’s wellbeing, and strived for a stronger capability of sustainable development. We insisted on deepening reform and opening up, struck a balance between reform, development and stability, and took measures to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship. We upheld the principle of being pragmatic and diligent, to join hands on keeping a stable growth and promoting social development, so as to form favorable atmosphere in which everyone’ thoughts and efforts are oriented towards one goal.

Fellow deputies, our hard-own achievements over the past five years are a testament to the concerted efforts and hard work of every citizen in the province, and could not have been accomplished without full-hearted support and contribution of the people from all sectors of the society both at home and abroad. Here, on behalf of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, I express sincere gratitude to over 71 million people in Hunan, to the PLA forces stationed in the province, the armed police officers and politicians and law enforcement agencies, to Hunan-based units affiliated with the Central Government, to our compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and in Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese and international friends.

Facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges, we have to be keenly aware of the problems and difficulties. The first is to improve economic development into a sustainable and efficient mode. The economic development mode is still in its preliminary phase today while the resources and environmental constraints tend to grow more and more serious. The second is to solve the problems of insufficient, incomplete and unsustainable development. The gaps between urban and rural areas, among regions and industries are still large with prominent problems arising from imbalanced and uncoordinated development. The urban and rural residents’ incomes are lower than the average level of the rest of the country, which makes the task of ensuring and improving people’s wellbeing much more challenging. The third is to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Plagued by relaxed market, excess production capacity, and lagging of industrial restructuring, many enterprises are confronted with rising costs and weakened capacity for creating jobs. The fourth is to create a favorable environment for development. Our government was always involved in the affairs which it ought not to be bothered with or cannot accurately deal with. Some departments and cadres have weak service awareness, incapable of serving people and not steadfast in their work. Difficult access, bad attitude and troublesome transaction still embarrass the masses. Social credibility system lags behind and market economic order needs to be strictly regulated. All these difficulties and problems in front of us should be faced courageously and solved through practical measures.

Embarking on a new journey, we shoulder more missions and responsibilities. We must take the initiative, gain advantages, and win in the coming future to achieve results that satisfy the people and the laws of historical development.

In the following five years, we must strive to overcome the continuous global economic downturn, revival of protectionism, inhibition of external demands, and other adverse factors. We must firmly seize the significant opportunities for a new round of global industrial and technological revolution to accelerate the development of the competitive industries and technologies, so as to take the high ground of industrial and technological development and expand wider and greater space for development. In the critical period when the country is deepening reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of economic development pattern, we must take the opportunity to utilize national support to the central and western regions to advance economic development, political, cultural and social progress, and ecological awareness in Hunan and create a more sound and rapid development situation. With greater courage and more difficult duties, we must fight to fulfill people’s yearning for a better life, and write a more brand-new and beautiful chapter of progress. In the past five years, under the firm leadership of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Council and the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, in accordance with the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development and based on the good foundation laid by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People's Government, we vigorously promoted the construction of “Two-Oriented” Society (resource-saving and environment-friendly society) and new-type industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and informationization. We won the battle against low-temperature freezing rain and snow and other rare natural disasters, calmly dealt with the sustained downturn of international economic development, overcame energy shortage, financial strain, increasing inflationary pressure and other difficulties, and overfulfilled the targets and tasks set forth at the First Session of the Eleventh Hunan Provincial People's Congress.

The overall requirements for Hunan’s economic and social development in the next five years are as follows: we must hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of “Three Represents” as our guide, the Scientific Outlook on Development as our guiding ideology, center on the main ideas and threads of expansion, and focus on scientific development and transformation of economic development pattern to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. We will push forward the construction of new-type industrialization, new-type urbanization, agricultural modernization and informatization, and undertakings of “Two-Oriented” Society. We will make progress while maintaining stability, forge ahead in a spirit of innovation, deepen reform and opening up, and increase the impetus and vigor for development, so as to accelerate the construction of a well-off society in an all-around way and that of “Two-Oriented” Society, and take the lead in building an overall well-off society in central China and developing a way of constructing the “Two-Oriented” Society nationwide. By 2017, the province’s GDP is expected to be doubled of that in 2010, and the per capita GDP is expected to reach the national average; new-type industrialization, new-type urbanization, agricultural modernization, and informatization will be coordinated, and great progress will be made in the construction of “Two-Oriented” Society. The growth rate of per capita income of urban and rural residents will be higher than the national average, and the overall social harmony and stability will be maintained. To achieve the outlined targets, we must pursue development via transforming the development pattern in an innovative, coordinated, sustainable, harmonious, and safe manner, and promote the simultaneous improvement of economic aggregate, economic volume per capita, and quality of economic performance.

2013 is a year of profound significance in implementing development goals outlined in the report of the 18th National People’s Congress of the CPC. We will increase GDP by 10%, fixed assets investment by 23%, total retail sales of consumer goods by 15%, the volume of total imports and exports by 12%, fiscal revenue by 12%, and per capita income of urban and rural residents by 10%. We will maintain the growth rate of consumer price at about 3.5%, create new urban job opportunities for 700,000 people, keep the registered urban unemployment rate at or below 4.6%, and natural growth rate of population within 7‰.

We will focus on the following six aspects.

(1) We will promote economic development in a sustained and healthy manner.
We will unswervingly regard new-type industrialization as the primary driving force of economic development. The building of a supporting industrial pattern with multiple props will be accelerated. We will elevate equipment manufacturing such as engineering machinery, automobile, rail transportation, and electrical and electronic appliances, adjust and optimize the raw materials industry including metallurgy, nonferrous metals, building materials, and petrochemical industry, transform the consumer goods industry like food, textile, and light industry, and push forward the construction of Valin automobile sheet and other key technological transformation projects. We will propel the expansion and clustering of seven emerging industries of strategic importance, and advance the construction of such projects as Foxconn Industrial City in Hengyang, Zhuzhou energy storage electric locomotives, Hunan Nanfang Aviation High Precision Transmission, Honeywell Boyun Aviation Systems (Hunan), Xiangtan Wind Power Industrial Park, and Hunan Environmental Protection Industrial Park. Due attention will be paid to carrying out the “four 100-billion-yuan output projects” (strengthening industries, developing industrial clusters, fostering enterprises and building industrial parks, each with an annual output of 100 billion yuan). We will develop industrial clusters like construction machinery, automobiles, spare parts, and electronic information in Changsha, rail transport and general aviation in Zhuzhou, advanced mining equipment in Xiangtan, petrochemical industry in Yueyang, sheet and processing in Loudi, shipbuilding in Yiyang, power transmission and transformation equipment in Hengyang, and deep processing of the non-ferrous metal industry in Chenzhou. We will expand and upgrade industrial parks, guide their industrialized and specialized development, and establish new-type industrialization demonstration bases at national and provincial level. The transformation of old industrial bases will be advanced, especially the relocation and reform of those in urban areas. We will back up the construction of Application, Demonstration, and Operation Center of the Beidou (Compass) Navigation Satellite System, and Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, and Pingjiang national demonstration bases of military and civilian integrated industries in new-type industrialization. We will vigorously develop the real economy, and introduce talent, capital, technology, and other elements to the industries and enterprises with broader markets and higher efficiency. We will thoroughly implement the program (2012-2015) of fostering more than 100 large enterprises with an annual incremental business income exceeding 400 million yuan each, over 1,000 medium-sized enterprises with the annual incremental business income exceeding 100 million yuan each, and over 30,000 micro and small-sized enterprises each year. With regard to small and medium-sized enterprises, we will intensify credit guarantee, micro-credit, and public services involving small and medium-sized enterprises, increase risk investment, self-employment assistance, and loan guarantee, and help micro enterprises solve the issues of financing.

We will make comprehensive improvements to agricultural modernization. We will increase policy support to strengthen agriculture, benefit farmers, and enrich rural areas to ensure that farming and grain production will be beneficial. We will strictly adhere to the arable land protection system, vigorously promote comprehensive improvement of rural land, accelerate basic farmland development around Dongting Lake and land reserve along Centianhe River, promote organic manure and bio-fertilizer, and develop basic farmland that meets high drought and flood resistance standards. We will take speedy steps to reinforce 2,824 key small aging reservoirs of typeⅡ, and promote the construction of water conservancy in 56 national major small-scale counties. We will continue to earnestly implement the plan on increasing food production capacity by 2.3 million tons, and keep the total grain output at 30 million tons . Efforts will be intensified in agricultural restructuring. We will accelerate the advantageous production areas, such as grain, vegetables, oilseeds, cotton, fruits tea, edible fungi, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, and economic trees, and foster superior and distinctive industries. We will develop circular, ecological, and experiential agriculture, and enhance leisure agriculture. We will promote the standardized production according to different regions and industries, focus on the development of agriculturally standardized production demonstration counties and regions, and advance the standardized demonstration bases of livestock breeding and aquaculture. We will push forward the green production in agriculture, establish a batch of production bases for high-yielding, high-quality, efficient, ecological, and safe agricultural products, and cultivate a number of competitive brands of agricultural products. We will implement the plan on invigorating processing industry for agricultural products, develop the industries of grain deep processing and logistics which boast over 100 billion yuan worth of output value, give priority to leading enterprises on agriculture industrialization like Longping High-tech, and establish high-standard modern agriculture demonstration zones and agriculture technological parks. Focusing on improving agricultural science and technology, we will strive to make breakthroughs in key technologies for a number of competitive agricultural products in production, processing, logistics and other sectors, make progress in modern seed production technique in rice, vegetables, cotton, canola, etc., and enhance the widespread adoption of agricultural science and technology at grassroots. We will speed up agricultural mechanization, and enhance the level of agricultural materials and equipment. We will set up an intensive, specialized, organized, and socialized agriculture operation system, develop farmers professional cooperatives, and improve the operation mode of integrating farmers, bases and companies in which all parties share both benefits and risks. We will strengthen the regulation, integrity, and inspection system to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.

We will promote new-type urbanization. We will persist in intensive, smart, green, low-carbon development, develop different types and levels of city clusters according to local conditions, propel the formation of urbanization development pattern with Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster as the core, center areas of other cities and prefecture as the support, and counties and central towns as the base, and support the construction of small cities and towns bordering other provinces. We will intensify industrial support to cities and towns, cultivate a group of cities and towns oriented with modern agriculture, industry driving, commercial circulation, and tourism service, and build an urban industrial system with distinctive characteristics, staggered development (development in a coordinated and complementary way), and complementary advantages. We will enhance the urban bearing capacity, strengthen the construction, management, and protection of urban public transportation and public facilities, and encourage different administrative units and regions to share main public infrastructure. We will integrate innovations into urban management and services, set up a digital, intelligent, and network management mode, improve the management system of emergency management, crime prevention and control, relief and rescue, and extend management and services to the rural-urban fringe. To promote integration of urban and rural development, we will propel the balanced allocation of public resources in urban and rural areas with integration of planning, infrastructure, and public services as breakthrough, and advance the reform of household registration system to transform agricultural population into urban residents in an orderly way. We will explore cultural resources like famous cities, towns, villages, and residences, foster distinctive urban culture, and elevate the urban taste, in a bid to develop urban areas into a beautiful home of the people.

We will improve informatization in economic and social development. We will gear up the thorough integration of informatization and industrialization as follows: to vigorously develop information service industry such as industrial software and systems integration, to enhance the intellectualization of energy conservation and emission reduction in key industries and equipment manufacturing, and to accelerate informatization transformation of such traditional industries as steel and non-ferrous metals; to continue implementing the “Upgrading Project” of enterprise informatization (i.e. the extension and upgradation of pilot work of transforming and improving the traditional industries utilizing information technology); and accelerate the construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan pilot zone for integration of informatization and industrialization. The development of electronic information industry will be elevated. We will advance the development of competitive industries including plat panel display, consumer electronics as well as electronics, batteries, and energy storage materials in rail transportation, energetically develop the emerging information industry like mobile e-commerce, online map services, satellite application, and build a group of influential manufacturing and service bases for information industry. Information infrastructure will be improved. We will accelerate the construction of optical network cities, wireless cities, and broadband available to villages, establish and improve the joint construction and sharing system of geographic information resources, and build the provincial-municipal-county interconnection of geospatial framework data exchange network system. We will speed up the platform construction of national supercomputer center in Changsha, mobile payment, and digital reading, propel integration of telecom, radio and TV, and Internet networks, and launch the construction of digital city smart grid, and smart city. The construction of the national rural and agricultural information demonstration pilot province will move forward.

We will accelerate the establishment of regional coordinated development mechanism. Efforts will be made to increase the driving effect of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, and take the lead in creating experience in economic development, political, cultural and social progress, and ecological awareness. We will boost South Hunan’s undertaking industrial transfer, promote the construction of industrial parks and functional platforms, and provide follow-up services for the first batch of 92 key projects to develop south Hunan into a new economic growth pole. We will build the ecological and economic area around the Dongting Lake, elevate the development of Longting Lake agricultural commodities production base, advance the building of Hunan Yangtze River Economic Belt, promote the agglomeration of industries around Dongting Lake and Yangtze River, and develop ecological agriculture and industry demonstration parks and ecological tourism demonstration zones. We will continue to treat Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture as the front for provincial anti-poverty campaign, promote poverty alleviation in contiguous areas around Wuling Mountain and Luoxiao Mountain with focus on the most pressing difficulties, build a relatively improved infrastructure with supporting functions, implement the fourth round of industrial projects planned by the province, and launch the third round of projects that support the industrial park construction. Poverty alleviation and development programs will be integrated with the basic subsistence allowance system for rural residents to narrow the gap between basic public service in poverty-stricken areas and the provincial average, as well as consolidate and improve the achievements made in preventing poverty-relief citizens from concerns regarding food and clothing, compulsory education, basic medical care, and housing. We will press ahead with poverty alleviation elaborately by implementing pro-poor policies on specific villages and households, direct assistance, whole-village advancement, and standardize welfare-to-work and anti-poverty by relocating in other places. Speedy measures will be taken to relieve people in mountainous and cold areas in 24 minority regions from poverty, and more support will be granted to the development in former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority nationalities, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas

We will energetically develop modern services. We will improve the specialization and scale of logistics, accelerate the development of professional logistics in manufacturing, agricultural products, and grain, focus on the construction of Huanghua Airport City and modern logistics parks and bases such as Jinxia park in Changsha and Deshan park in Changde, standardize the development of logistics industry, and foster and introduce large logistics enterprises. We will actively develop producer services such as finance, R & D, design, and extend the scope of service outsourcing. We will accelerate the development of circulation industry: to cultivate a group of commercial areas with a transaction volume of more than 10 billion yuan each, markets with transaction volume of over 5 billion yuan each, and enterprises with business income of 100 million yuan each; to implement the program of circulation recycling (to build approximately 1,000 “urban business circles” in about 100 counties and 1,000 towns to become the core growth pole of commercial circulation in towns and counties and the platform for stimulating consumption) in towns and counties, as well as the three-year action plan of farmers' market transformation, and support the construction of regional agricultural products trade and distribution center; and to set up a modern circulation network in new countryside, to make channels available to both industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products going to the city. We will promote integration of tourism and culture industries, advance the development of great Xiangxi (Western Hunan) tourism and economic area and the Xiangjiang River tourism and economic belt, carry out regional tourism cooperation, and strengthen tourism marketing, development, and regulation. We will improve the overall level of service industry, and advance building and development of Changsha Modern Services Comprehensive Pilot Area, Hengyang National Services Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area, and Zhangjiajie National Tourism Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area. We will create better development environment for service industry, implement the supporting policies involving market access, taxation, finance, and social security, and encourage the same price of water, electricity, and gas in service industry with industrial price.
(2) We will steadfastly inject vitality into economic development.
Due attention should be paid to increase the ability to achieve innovation-driven development. Overall, publish and implement Construction Program of Innovative Hunan, strengthen basic research and research in cutting-edge technological innovation, focusing on making breakthroughs in core and key technologies such as key components of modern construction machinery, new rail transportation equipment, high-performance digital chip, and activate innovative projects coming from high and new technology industries. Also efforts will be made to ensure the innovative dominant role of competitive enterprises like Zoomlion Heavy Industry, encourage backbone enterprises relying on high-tech industrial development zone, and launch collaborative innovation integrating production, education and research together with universities and institutes. Due emphasis should be laid in the fields like new energy automobiles, 3D printing equipments, prevention and treatment counter measures against heavy metal pollution, and circular usage of resources. Intensify efforts to cultivate a group of state-level enterprise technical innovation platforms, push forward the building and sharing of all kinds of major laboratories and engineering technology research centers, and set up provincial industrial technology collaborative innovation institutes. We will also speed up transformation and application of S & T achievements, perfect the incentive mechanism of their transformation policies, and promote the effective docking of innovative and financial resources. It is also necessary to further advance the reform of science and technology management system, wihle improving technology performance evaluation system. We will uphold introduction, absorption and then innovation, vigorously promote cooperation in the field of S & T, and ensure development of international cooperation platform in research and utilization of water resources center in Asia and Europe, and Hunan-based innovative design center between China and Italy. We will unswervingly implement strategies on intellectual property rights, strengthen our ability to protect and manage them, and make every effort to cultivate innovative culture, encourage, respect and protect innovation.

We will deepen reform of key areas and links. We will promote the reform and mop-up of state-owned enterprises, and actively yet prudently deal with the issues of their reform legacy. We will perfect modern corporate governance structure, and promote business reorganization and integration, so as to optimally relocate assets. We will ensure sound provincial state assets supervision system, as well as improve regulatory system of state capital budget and financial oversight. We will accelerate reform of fiscal, taxation, financial, and investment & financing systems, improve financial institutions at and below provincial level, and consolidate the management and supervision of fiscal treasury centralized capital flow and utilization, for the purpose of steadily propelling open budget and final accounts, strengthening budget performance management, and expanding the scope and scale of government procurement. We will boost pilot project of business tax and VAT. We will perfect financial investment system, and impel the investment to tilt to basic public services. The government needs to establish solid and stronger financing platforms, improve financing capability, and strengthen institutional building for process management of government debt. We will intensify financial innovation, improve operating mechanism of local financial institutions and further carry out reform of rural credit cooperatives. We will reinforce financial supervision; standardize behavior of private financing, with the aim of preventing financial risks. We will take further steps to perfect social credit system, and penalty mechanism in credit loss. We will accelerate the registration of rural collective land ownership certification, innovate rural operating system and mechanism, and encourage transfer of rural land management right to develop moderate-scaled agricultural operation. We will steadfastly push forward reform of land requisition system, standardize the management of land acquisition and demolition, respect and protect farmers’ land-centered property right. We will advance pilot reform of state-owned forest. We will comprehensively complete the three-year water reform tasks. We will deepen price reorganization of resources and environment so as to form a pricing mechanism reflecting resource scarcity and supply & demand relationship. We will also stably implement ladder price reform of household living water, electricity and gas.

We will continuously improve the development of open economy. We will cultivate new points for foreign trade growth, facilitate advantageous enterprises in exploring their external markets and support service trade of software, technology service, culture and Chinese medicine enterprises with comparative advantages. We will strengthen economic cooperation with foreign countries, encourage enterprises with comparative advantages to purchase overseas high quality assets, increase brand influence of overseas engineering contract, overseas labor, amongst others. We will implement cooperation agreement between ministries and the province, within the province and among provincial enterprises, deepen close cooperation with central enterprises, and further introduce strategic investors at home and abroad. We will actively participate in cooperation agreements on Pan-Pearl River Delta and Central Region, reinforce relations with Yangtze River Delta and Central Plains economic region. We will enhance quality and benefits of investment invitation and carrying on industry transfer, guide enterprises to carry out professional, industry chain-oriented and p-to-p investment invitation. We will construct bearing platform for open economic development and stimulate supporting facility construction of high speed rail hub for district of Chenglingji New Harbor and Changsha Airport Economic Zone. We will strive to complete the acceptance of the first phase of overall bonded area in Hengyang as scheduled and put it into operation within the year. We will facilitate “dry port” construction in Changsha, Hengyang, Chenzhou and Yongzhou.

We will unswervingly encourage, support and guide development of non-public economy sectors. We will stick to the principle of opening up to all but the banned to lower the threshold to market access, ensure all sectors of the economy can equally and legally use production factors, enjoy just market environment for competition and be protected by law at an equal footing. We will support development of shareholding corporations represented by Sany Heavy Industry, improve implementation of policies aiming at bolstering development of non-public sectors of the economy, supporting them in enterprise brand building, marketing channel expansion, subsidized loan as well as technological research upgrading, talent introduction and cultivation, etc. We will cultivate a team of entrepreneurs who are good at business, understand the market and have strong social responsibility.

We will vigorously develop county economy. We will launch special projects to promote county economy, cultivate a batch of special industries and industry clusters with strong impetus, and construct and enhance a batch of counties with rapid economic growth rate. We will innovate county economic development mechanism, stimulate enterprises to seek development in industrial parks, offer more land resources to capable enterprises and encourage farmers to work in rural communities, and promote flow of technology, capital and other factors to counties.
(3) We will spare no efforts to expand domestic demand.
We will give full play to the important role of investment in stimulating economic growth. We will strive to achieve investment of about 1.8 trillion yuan, continue to push forward the “Three Ones” Action Plan (from the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period to the beginning of 13th Five-Year Plan period, complete fixed asset investment by 10 trillion yuan, focus on implementation of 100 key projects and push forward 1,000 key projects), organize and implement hundreds of key industrial projects, 8 infrastructure projects and 8 civil projects, and strive to complete investment of 720 billion yuan for industrial development. We will concentrate on promoting project construction including annual output of 300,000 passenger cars by SVW Changsha Branch, and development of Sunward Industrial Town and Changsha Sapphire New Material Base. We will spare no efforts to complete investment of 380 billion yuan for infrastructure investment, including building up and putting into operation 1,000 km expressway, newly building and repairing national and provincial trunk line of 2,000 km, and stimulate water transport project construction of overall traffic hub in Changsha along the Xiangjiang River, Tugutang shipping and power center, 2,000-ton level shipping lane, Chenglinji Habor zone in Yueyang and others. We will accelerate passenger transport line between Huangzhou and Changsha as well as Changsha-Kunming and railway projects between Loudi-Shaoyang, Shimen-Changsha and among Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan cities. We will exert efforts to achieve substantial construction of Yueyang-Jishou, Huaihu-Shaoyang-Hengyang, Guizhou-Zhangjiajie-Changde, and Chongqing-Huaihua section of the coal transportation channels.

We will carry out civil aviation projects including eastward expansion project for Changsha Huanghua International Airport, and construction, reconstruction and expansion of feeder airports. In terms of energy, newly added power generator capacity is expected to reach 1.7 million kilowatts; efforts will be placed in speedy power plant construction in Youxian, Datang; Huadian power plant in Changde and Huaihua stone-coal power plant of DaTanghuayin are to be approved and start construction; we will strive to put into operation ShenHua power plant in Yonghou, China Power’s power stations in Toubai city and Tuoshuikou as well as Linwu Thirty-sixth Bay Wind Power Plant of Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group, etc. in addition to biomass power plants like Shuangfeng Kaidi; we will continue to promote development and upgrading of rural power grid, reform and upgrade 85% of rural power grid left unaltered, accelerate commencement of 1,000 kilovolt Jingmen-Changsha special high voltage AC power transmission and transformation project, and speed up implementation of “Hunan Gasification” project. In water conservancy, we will launch comprehensive treatment of Hengyang-Shaoyang drought corridor, facilitate expansion of Centian River reservoir, continue to strengthen comprehensive treatments for river valleys of major “four rivers”, dredging channels and watercourses in Hunan province; and push forward consolidation of embankment and upgrading and transformation of large irrigation and drainage pumping station.

In city development, we will concentrate on accelerating subway construction, river-crossing tunnel and other projects in Changsha, improve trunk lines, water supply and drainage system in various cities and autonomous regions. We will comprehensively promote transformation of water supply facilities’ quality and speed up support pipe network construction for waste water processing. As for ecological development, we will strive to complete investment of 45 billion yuan, to accelerate the ecological conservation and restoration in areas around Dongting Lake, Xuefeng Mountain, Nanling Mountain, Mufu mountain, Xingjiang River, Zijiang River, Yuanjiang River and Li River, push forward treatment of water and environment improvement of Dongjiang Lake and Shuifu Temple, Qingshuitang new ecological town and other projects. 100 billion yuan capital is to be injected in civil projects, thus to start and construct 332,600 units of indemnificatory houses and resettlement houses for transformation of various shantytowns with 220,000 units completed. In addition, efforts will be made to perform a good distribution and management of indemnificatory housing.

We will give better play to the role of consumption in economic growth. Policies and measures will be implemented to simulate consumption and establish a long-term mechanism to expand consumption. This year the proportion of price regulation fund of government at all levels for vegetable production, supply, distribution and price stability is expected to be no less than 30%. We will actively promote energy-saving and new energy vehicles, water-saving products, and domestic self-contained solar products. We will continue to develop such industries as Hunan embroidery, Hunan cuisine, Hunan wine, and Hunan tea so as to promote "Hunan"-brand consumption and back up Hunan enterprises. Efforts will be made to promote resident consumption, nurture hot consumption spots, and encourage the development of e-commerce, non-store sales, postal and EMS. Besides, we will promote service industries such as community business, domestic economy, pension, and training. We will push forward the healthy development of real estate industry, increase the supply of ordinary commercial houses to meet the rigid housing needs and improve housing conditions.

We will strengthen the role of development factors in guaranteeing economic growth, improve financial security, promote the development of multi-level capital market, accelerate the construction of regional over-the-counter market, encourage qualified enterprises to adopt methods such as non-financial corporate bonds to expand refinancing, promote cooperation between banks and enterprises and between banks and projects, increase the amount of credit, and encourage private capital’s participation in the construction of infrastructure projects. We will enhance energy security, maintain smooth operation of coal-fire electricity industry with focus on accelerating construction of Jingzhou-Yueyang section of coal transportation channel and coal reserve bases; enhance refined oil security capability, accelerate construction of refined oil pipes of Sinopec of Changsha-Chenzhou, Xiangtan- Loudi sections and Lanzhou-Zhengzhou-Changsha section, as well as construction of projects like Sinopec oil base at Daoxian County. We will strengthen land security, give priority to the protection of strategic emerging industries, major infrastructure, and land demand from major livelihood-related projects, and strengthen the rectification of idle land and illegal use of land. We will enhance the protection of mineral resources, intensify efforts in exploring urgently needed minerals like shale gas, coal, iron, nonferrous metals and uplifting the resource exploration, development, dressing and smelting and processing.
(4) We will intensify efforts to construct an environment-friendly Hunan.
We will work hard to push forward the construction of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan “Two-Oriented” Society pilot zone. We will continue to carry out ten key reforms such as industrial transformation and promotion and united assets exchange platform, propel Green Credit (financial advisory policies and credit approval mechanism to coordinate environmental and economic development) and environmental liability insurance and try to issue the Xiangjiang River treatment bonds approved by National Development and Reform Commission. We shall implement eight major projects, mainly to promote “Two-Oriented” industries, further advance ten environmental protection programs such as the Xiangjiang River heavy metal pollution abatement and rural environmental comprehensive control, and emphasize ten remarkable programs including the Xiangjiang River Scenic Belt, and conservation and development of greener Zhaoshan Mountain. We will speed up the construction of Five Districts (Changsha Pioneering District to the West of the Xiangjiang River, and Zhaoshan, Yunlong, Tianyi, Binhu demonstration districts) and Eighteen Areas, relocate heavy mental pollution enterprises, lawfully close heavy pollution causing enterprises and production lines, and enhance contaminated soil remediation demonstration. We will also improve the “Two-Oriented” supervisory system, set up a statistical system for “Two-Oriented” development, launch evaluation on green GDP, and boost “Two-Oriented” standard and enforce the “Two-Oriented” identification attestation.

We shall spare no efforts in energy saving and emission reduction, giving priority to energy conservation. Such scientific activities as energy cutback and emission reduction will be further carried out and ten low-carbon clean technologies will be popularized. Technical transformation on high-energy consumption industries such as electricity, coal, steel, non-ferrous metals processing, chemistry and building materials will be employed and energy management of clean production contract is advocated. We will stoutly close down backward production facilities, and impose rigid control on high consumption and discharge and growth of new programs of industries with excess production capacity. Green buildings are to be promoted to comply with high energy conservation standard. We will hasten major emission reduction programs, mainly to deal with sewage and wastes in rural and urban areas and heavy mental contamination abatement, and advocate desulfuration and denitration in industries such as thermal power, steel and cement. We will promote the “Tens of Thousands of Enterprises' Energy-saving Campaign” at a larger scale, attaching great emphasis to circular economic pilots in Miluo and Yongxing. Mechanism and political system on energy saving and emission reduction will be improved, such as enforcing marketization mechanism of franchise operations for pollution control devices. We will deeply propel pilot pollution rights trading and ecological compensation, and encourage government's green purchase.

We will try to construct an unspoiled and beautiful ecological environment and ensure that the space for production is used intensively and efficiently. Efforts shall be made to upgrade green development, assuring clean water, fresh air and healthy food for citizens. To persist in conservation as the priority, we will steadily work hard at afforestation, close hillsides to facilitate reforestation, and keep achievements made in returning farmland to forestry and lake. We will intensify efforts to preserve and restore water system, forest lands, wetlands, scenic spots and ecological fragile regions, sustain biodiversity and prevent foreign species invasion. Ten Major Green Activities on Forestry will be carried out and the construction of Qingyang Lake Ecological Culture Demonstration Park will be accelerated. We shall enforce the most severe water resource management mechanism and carry out the pilot construction of reduced water usage society. We will stick to natural restoration with intensified efforts for geological disaster prevention and control of key regions, prevention and control of nonpoint source pollution, and enlarging comprehensive improvement areas in rural environment. We will speed up the construction of priority zones matched with differentiated finance, investment, industries and land, so as to advance urbanization, agricultural development and ecological security in a scientific and balanced manner. We shall implement the most severe optimal and intensive land use, and build a sound performance assessment mechanism for such a land use pattern, and economize on land in urban construction and industrial development. Environment monitoring and emergency responding capacity shall be strengthened.

We shall construct a living space that is livable and appropriate in size. We should raise our awareness of respecting, accommodating and protecting the nature. We will improve and implement the consumption policy with energy- and water-saving, and environment-friendly products, profoundly facilitate the development of “Two-Oriented” institutions, gardens, enterprises, villages and families, and gradually form a “Two-Oriented” production pattern, lifestyle and consumption mode. We will also strengthen the improvement of ecological civilization mechanism, explore to establish an ecological environmental compensation mechanism, and improve environmental protection accountability system and a compensation system for environmental damages.
(5) We will incessantly enhance culture soft power.
We will grandly advocate the core socialist values. We will persist in these values and use them to guide social trends of thought and forge public consensus, profoundly promote education in patriotism, collectivism and socialism, and guide people towards correct outlook on world, life and values. Hunan Spirit of Zhongcheng (loyalty), Dandang (sense of responsibility), Qiushi (seeking truth from facts), and Tuqiang (striving for prosperity) will be advocated; citizen morality development program will be implemented to reinforce public morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and individual integrity; college students’ ideological and political education and adolescents’ ideological and moral construction will be conducted; widespread social volunteer services will be launched. We shall upgrade efforts to enhance government integrity, business and social ethics and judicial integrity, so that we can create civilized cities, towns, units and communities, and cultivate a sound social custom with people recognizing honor and disgrace, practicing integrity, and willing to dedication.

We will spare no efforts to prosper public culture in urban and rural areas. To accelerate the development of a cultural system covering urban and rural areas, we will set about applying for establishing the second batch of national cultural service system demonstration areas and programs, continue to extend radio and TV to every village, and implement cultural information and source sharing programs and rural film programs, with cinemas and performances reaching far-out cities and counties. We shall strengthen preservation and administration of farmer’s bookstore, and improve equipment disposition and management services of comprehensive cultural stations in villages and towns. To benefit more people, we will speed up the construction of major cultural projects including Hunan Provincial Museum and Hunan Provincial Library. We will promote fine cultural products, facilitate and prosper philosophy and social science. Key culture and intangible cultural heritage will be well preserved and utilized, and world culture heritage application of Laosi Town in Yongshun County, Fenghuang regional defense system and villages of Dong minority will be accelerated.

We will intensify clustering of culture industry and enlarge its scale and improve its level of specialization. We will encourage cultural industry development and speed up construction of key programs such as Tianxin Cultural Industrial Park, Zhongnan National Digital Publishing Base, Huanghua Printing Technology Industrial Base and Hunan Daily Media Center. We shall facilitate integration of culture with science and technology to enhance broadcasting and TV industry, press and publication industry, and entertainment and cartoon industries, and exert great efforts in digital media development. We shall vigorously promote integration of culture and capital markets by supporting qualified enterprises such as HappiGO, VOC (www.voc.com.cn), Titan Media to be listed companies. We will standardize and develop artworks market and support healthy development of eligible cultural artwork property right exchange.

We will deepen cultural structure reform. We will steadily advance transformation of the second non-political newspapers and periodical publishing houses into enterprises, further the reform of state-owned literature and art troupes system in Hunan, establish Hunan broadcasting network holding group and entertainment group, and accelerate reform of personnel, income distribution, social security system of non-profit cultural institutions. We will initiate creative socialization and professional administrative mechanism for public cultural facilities and projects. We will perfect cooperate governance structure of commercial cultural enterprises, and deepen comprehensive law enforcement reforms of cultural market.
(6) We will make more development achievements equitably benefit all citizens.
We will carry out practical efforts for people. In fields of infrastructure development of transportation, water conservancy, electricity, communication and ecology and social fields of school attendance, employment, poverty support, relief and assistance, cultural service and public security, we shall invest about 34 billion yuan and carry out 21 practical measures in these fields for the benefit of the people.

We will make every effort to increase income of urban and rural residents. Reform on salary mechanism of enterprises, institutions and units will be deepened. We will set up a sound mechanism for standard salary increase and strive to realize income growth of residents keeping up with economic growth and labor payment growth with productivity increase. We will explore multifunction of agriculture for potential increase and vigorously develop non-agricultural industries to raise farmers’ income in these industries. We shall increase individual proprietary income through multiple channels. We shall standardize income distribution by protecting lawful income, increasing the earnings of low-income groups, adjusting excessively high income, and prohibiting illicit income.

Employment will be expanded by creating new jobs. We shall promote people-benefiting employment and businesses expansion, exert efforts to develop labor intensive industries, service industries, small and micro enterprises with strong employment capacity, improve the entrepreneurial incentive mechanism, construct a batch of incubation bases for starting business and probation based for college students. We shall emphasize increasing job opportunities for young people, especially for university graduates, ensuring full employment of college graduates from farmers’ family. We shall create job opportunities for the rural migrant laborers and urban residents with financial difficulties, and encourage rural migrant workers to create businesses back home. We will perfect public employment service system in urban and rural areas, and strengthen public vocational skill training and employment service for transferred rural labors. We will improve labor relation coordination mechanism, and protect workers’ legal interest and maintain a harmony and stable labor relation.

We shall give priority to educational development. We will vigorously develop preschool education, promote the nine-year compulsory education in a balanced manner, diversify senior secondary education, bring out the full potential for development of higher education, firmly grasp the continuing education, and care for and support special education. We will hasten vocational education development, and push forward construction of twenty-one demonstrative vocational colleges. We will vigorously propel comprehensive educational reform of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster, strive for breakthroughs in operation system of preschool education, balanced development mechanism of compulsory education and educational informationization, guide social power to contribute to education progress, and promote standardized development of non-governmental funded education. We shall provide well-rounded education for all students, and cultivate in students a sense of social responsibility, a spirit of innovation and the ability to acquire practical skills. We shall vigorously promote fairness in education, and ensure balanced allocation of educational resources with a focus on rural, remote, poor and ethnic minority areas. We shall ensure that children of rural migrant workers in cities, left-behind children, handicapped children and students with financial difficulties have fair access to schooling. We shall improve the quality of teachers, and enhance their work ethics and professional competence.

We shall speed up medicine and public health development, and promote in-depth mechanism reformation. We will upgrade the funding level of new rural cooperative medical system, and consolidate the system for using basic drugs, establish a mechanism for preventing and controlling major diseases, enlarge overall implementation scope of basic medical insurance policy, and settle medical expenses immediately. We will improve the rural medical and health service network at county, township and village levels and the system of urban community health services, and encourage and guide the development of private hospitals with social capital. We will continue to set up national basic public health programs of health record for people, make a plan for major infectious and chronic disease prevention, effectively control major infectious diseases such as Aids, tuberculosis, and contain the rise of chronic non-infective diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cancer. We will boost traditional Chinese medicine to improve intervention of chronic diseases and curing capacity of major diseases. Patriotic sanitation campaign will be facilitated. We will practically strengthen supervision of food and drug security, improve supervision pattern of city and countryside integration, and fight against criminal and illegal activities such as manufacturing and selling fake or low-quality food and drugs. We will persevere with the basic national policy of family planning, keep a low birthrate, improve new birth quality and population structure, and facilitate balanced development of population in the long run. We will vigorously carry out public fitness activities and substantially raise health awareness. We shall make greater efforts to develop enterprises’ statistic direct reporting network, launch the third national economic general survey, and conduct monitoring over the progress of overall moderately prosperous society construction.

We shall promote the social security system in urban and rural areas. We shall institute a complete, multi-tiered and sustainable system for coordinately providing basic social security for both the urban and rural residents. We will accelerate improvements in the social security system and establish mechanisms for standardizing social security benefits and regularly adjusting them that give due consideration to the interests of people from all walks of life. We shall integrate the basic old-age insurance and basic medical insurance systems for non-working urban residents and rural residents, and expand the coverage of medical insurance for major diseases. We shall improve the mechanism for supervising the work of social security agencies covering urban and rural residents and make social security services more convenient and efficient. We will strengthen government target management responsibility system for collection and payment of social insurance premiums, conduct strict examination and audit of social insurance, and weed out insurance fraud and cheating, to ensure smooth insurance work. We shall improve urban and rural social assistance system, and ensure basic living standards for lower-income groups. We will increase orphans welfare, reward one-child parents, and give greater support to parents who lost their only child or families with disabilities. We shall effectively protect legitimate rights and interests of women and children, vigorously develop services for the disabled, and support the development of old-age services and industry. We shall move faster to advance public service programs and charities.

We shall strengthen and innovate social administration. We shall enhance the system of social management and services at the community level, and ensure that urban and rural communities provide better services. Enterprises, public institutions and people's organizations should play a better role in conducting social management and providing related services. We shall guide social organizations to develop in a healthy and orderly manner. We shall strive to innovate services management relating to floating population and special groups. Efforts will be made to improve community corrections, placement and aid, isolation treatment mode and coupling control mechanism. Attention will be paid to strengthening and making innovations in virtual society management, and fully analyzing public opinions on internet. We shall implement a sound mechanism for assessing potential risks major policy decisions may pose to social stability, so as to avoid unsteadiness caused by decision deviations. We will improve the integrated system of mediation by the people, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, to propel solutions to contradictions. We will earnestly cater to public complaints made through letters and visits and exert great efforts to resolve the hot issues to which the masses have strong reaction. We will attach great importance to safe development, improving public security system and workplace environment safety in enterprises. Security of school buses will be strengthened. We shall intensify efforts to carry out construction security activities in the community level, improve multi-dimensional system for crime prevention and control, and prevent and punish criminal and illegal activities in accordance with the law. We shall adhere to ensure national security and interests, keep high vigilance against and resolutely forestall activities of infiltration carried out by hostile forces. We shall boost construction of disaster prevention and mitigation system, and take a holistic approach towards intensifying prevention and control of water, air and soil pollution.

We shall vigorously promote construction of democracy and legal system. We shall adhere to the integration of CPC’s leadership, ruling the country by the people and law, and thoroughly implement the Outlines of the Construction of Law-ruled Hunan. We shall earnestly implement the decisions made by the People’s Congress and the standing committee and voluntarily accept work supervision by the law, support the CPPCC to exercise political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in deliberation and administration of state affairs, listen to the democratic parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and personages without party affiliations, genuinely transact and implement the proposals and suggestions of the representatives of the People’s Congress as well as the proposals of CPPCC members. Such organizations as Trade Union, Communist Youth League, and Women’s Federation are to play greater role of bridge and bond. Efforts shall be made to advance democratic system at community level, to guarantee that the officers conduct democratic election, decision-making, administration and oversight according to the law. We shall further oversee public opinions, and safeguard citizens’ right to vote and stay informed, participate in, express views on, and oversee government affairs. Efforts will be made to intensify government-sponsored legislation, impel the construction of government ruled by law. We will persist on maintaining judicial justice and carry out the 6th Five-year plan of law popularization. We will fully implement the Party's basic policies on religious work.

We shall accelerate building of national defense and reserve forces. We shall continue to combine efforts to make Hunan prosperous and the armed forces strong, so as to coordinate the economic development and development of defense capabilities, and follow a Hunan-styled path that integrates the development of military and civilian sectors. We shall improve mechanisms of national defense mobilization and civil air defense, and fist on the improvement of the capacity of reserve forces concentrated on prompt training. Efforts will be exerted to promote nationwide national defense education as well as civil-military support and joint construction of ideological and ethical progress, and continuously consolidate and develop unity between the army and the government and between the army and the people. We will advance military services, carry out collection of high-quality soldier's, strictly follow relevant policies, and perform well in helping a cadre, demobilized soldier transfer to civil work and officers' family members find jobs.

The government should scheme well to perform with excellence in what it is supposed to do, and manage in an orderly manner what is to be managed, to increase public trust in the government, and improve its competence and creativity in cultivating careers.

(1) We will exercise government administration in accordance with the law.
We will thoroughly implement “one scheme, two regulations, and six measures”, move faster government’s self-development, economic and social administration, balance of interests, and public resources allocation and integration system, and improve government’s law-based administration. Power should be exercised within the boundaries of regulations. We shall adhere to laws and regulations in administration of rights, government affairs, financial affairs and human resources, and stick to procedures and rules. We will persist in making decisions under scientific and democratic guidance in accordance with the law, perfect the rules and procedures of major decisions and important strategies, and carry out supervision and check on deployment and implementation of major decisions and important strategies. According to the principle of decision-orientation and moderately leading, high-caliber think tank are to be built,and the Hunan Academician and Expert Consultative Committee and the Counselors’ Office of Hunan Province is encouraged to play a constructive role.
(2) We will deepen reform of administrative system.
We shall separate government administration from the management of enterprises, state assets, public institutions, and social organizations, and build a well-structured, clean and efficient service-oriented government that has scientifically defined functions and satisfies the people. We shall intensify efforts in creating a system concerning matters subject to government examination and approval, continue to delete, streamline administrative approval items and delegate them to lower levels. Standardized operation and online services are recommended to reduce links, time and procedures of the approval. We will keep up with placing counties and county-level cities directly under the jurisdiction of provincial governments. Efforts will be exerted to intensify and innovate establishment management, and strictly control the size of government bodies. According to our estimate, we will have accomplished the reform of public institutions based on the classification of their functions by the end of this year.
(3) We will improve government services.
We will exercise transparent administration, boost the transparency of information on such fields as fiscal budgets and yearly accounts, major construction projects, and public service programs. We will earnestly work towards clarifying the government’s considerations, strategies and doings. We will unceasingly provide services in accordance with the law, and push forward systematic, normalized standardized government service system. We shall strengthen the building and management of government service centers and civilian service centers. Utmost importance will be attached to the improvement of online government affairs services and electronic surveillance systems. We shall enhance administrative efficiency and strengthen administrative accountability system and appraisal of government performances. We must step up administrative efficiency scrutiny and auditing supervision. Resolute measures should be taken to prevent and readdress the phenomena that the subordinate authority does not effectively carry out the policies according to the request of higher government, and that civil servants do not disobey the law in disregard of orders and prohibitions.
(4) We will improve the economic development environment.
We shall solidly carry out “Optimization of Development Environment Year” activity, protect legitimate rights of all kinds of market entities in accordance with regulations, and resolutely build an open, orderly, just, fair, transparent and predictable development environment. We shall respect labor, and knowledge, and encourage all honest workers and ensure all taxpayers are honored. We will further curtail industrial misconducts, rectify and standardize agency charges and various societies, thoroughly investigate and punish indiscriminate levies, fines and apportions.
(5) We will strengthen the construction of government working style.
We shall rigidly enforce the eight-point regulations which aim to reform working style of the government and strengthen ties between the people and officials. We need to handle all matters industriously and frugally, keep a very tight rein on administrative cost, adopt a serious-minded attitude towards holding high-class but unnecessary activities, and weed out extravagant and discrepant behaviors. Great importance should be attached to strengthen the restriction and supervision of power, build an honest and clean government, obey disciplines and rigidly examine behaviors violating laws and disciplines, and win trust of the people with tangible anti-corruption outcomes. We shall follow the guideline of objective laws, take action based on our capacities, and make great efforts to get results from Hunan’s undertakings. We will pay enough attention to the grass-roots, support community-level and strengthen their roots and inspire them, to build a collective atmosphere among government organs of all levels.

We will take root from the great practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, dip flowing motivation from this land, and take a sound, unflinching and progressive walk towards the road of scientific development, and work hard to build a beautiful and prosperous Hunan.

Fellow deputies,
The Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China has blown the trumpet of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects sailing through winds and cleaving through the waves. Let us rally more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, and under the leadership of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, fully implement the guidelines of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, dare to undertake responsibility, work hard to be worthy of the people’s trust, free our minds and keep pace with the times, seek truth and do practical strive for a bright future of Hunan!
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