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15 July 2015

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2018 Huanglong Music Season Starts on August 5

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Duration: August 5-30
Venue: Zhangjiajie
File photo
 The opening ceremony of the 2017 Huanglong Music Season (Photo/Wu Yongbing)
File photo
Concert held in paddy field during the 2017 Huanglong Music Season (Photo/Wu Yongbing)
On August 5, 2018, a piano concerto “I Love You, China” will be performed on the platform of Yubi Peak, Tianzi Mountain, Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, Zhangjiajie. It marks that the 2018 Huanglong Music Season starts. The theme of the Music Season this year is “Fields of Hope”. (File photo)
The Huanglong Music Season was initiated in 2016 and is held once a year. It is currently the most visually pleasing large-scale music event including performance, competition, and exchange activities in China.
The 2018 Huanglong Music Season consists of three parts:
1. Between August 5 and 10, the Piano Art Week will be held. There are a series of music exchange activities such as piano performance, exciting master class, piano summer camp, and piano competition;
2. Between August 13 and 19, the International Vocal Art Week will be held. There are music exchange activities such as vocal music trialogue, folk singing, vocal master classes, singing in peaks, and vocal competitions; and,
3. Between August 23 and 30, choirs from five continents and 34 national provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will sing the songs of peace, friendship, and happiness during the International Choral Art Week.
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