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15 July 2015

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Voluntary Tree Planting Activities Organized Across Changsha

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Arbor Day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. China celebrates Arbor Day on March 12.

As this year’s Arbor Day is coming, a tree-planting campaign is being held across Changsha to contribute for making a greener city boasting verdant mountains and clear waters. A total of 10 themed activities have been planed in different regions. The campaign will last till the end of March.


Theme: I Have a Date with Spring
Participants: couples
Varieties of trees: camphor tree and photinia serrulata
Venue: Wufeng Village, Lianhua Town
Organizer: Yuelu District
Contact: Dai Zhiguo
Mobile phone: 13974811315


Theme: Learning from Lei Feng
Participants: young volunteers and college students
Varieties of trees: willow, poplar
Venue: Tongguan Sub-district, Wangcheng District
Organizer: Wangcheng District
Contact: Deng Yaowen
Mobile phone: 13975158354


Theme: Women’s Charm
Participants: women
Varieties of trees: camphor, sweet-scented osmanthus
Venue: Daoyuanhu Village, Guankou Sub-district
Organizer: Liuyang City
Contact: Liu Mingjian
Mobile phone: 13874849233


Theme: Being a Model in Administration or Tree Planting
Participants: departments directly under city government and citizen representatives
Varieties of trees: cedarwood, schima superba
Venue: Jiankengpian, Daweishan Village
Organizer: Liuyang City
Contact: Lu Ai
Mobile phone: 13974912444


Theme: Advocating Concepts of Two-oriented (resource-conserving and environment-friendly) Society
Participants: Two-oriented Society volunteers and institution representatives
Varieties of trees: camphor, cottonrose hibiscus, photinia serrulata
Venue: Wanjiali Road-Jinhai Road
Organizer: Yuehua District
Contact: Zhou Lixin
Tel: 82241328


Theme: Pioneering to Be a Spokesperson of Green Changsha
Participants: young league members, young pioneers
Varieties of trees: zelkovas, cheery blossom, crape myrtle
Venue: Chenjiaqiang Village, Jinghuapu Town
Organizer: Ningxiang County
Contact: Li Hongfu
Mobile phone: 15116321188


Theme: Achieving Prosperity in Changsha
Participants: entrepreneurs and employees
Varieties of trees: camphor, sweet-scented osmanthus, gingko
Venue: Yuanda Road
Organizer: Furong District
Contact: Ding Yongbo
Tel: 84744069


Theme: Caring for the Growth of Trees
Participants: households
Varieties of trees: phoebe bournei, photinia serrulata
Venue: Shatian Village, Jinjing Town
Organizer: Changsha County
Contact: Sun Guosheng
Mobile phone: 15874908345


Theme: Building a Green Homeland Together
Participants: civil servants of government organizations and institutions and community staff
Varieties of trees: camphor, sweet-scented osmanthus, gingko
Venue: between Qingzhuhu Ave. and Kaishun Road (west of Furong North Road)
Organizer: Kaifu District
Contact: Zhang Ying
Tel: 84227206



Theme: Fighting Haze for a Azure Sky
Participants: car drivers
Varieties of trees: camphor, sweet-scented osmanthus, cheery blossom
Venue: east of Baoye Temple of Xiangjiang Avenue
Organizer: Tianxin District
Contact: Liu Shaobang
Tel: 85114366


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