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15 July 2015

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Hunan in the Eyes of Mainstream Media from Countries along Maritime Silk Road

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Zhang Wenxiong Meets Media Delegation from ASEAN Countries




Zhang Wenxiong, member of the Standing Committee and director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee met in Changsha with a media delegation from ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Malaysia on the morning of Oct. 25. The delegation gathered here for the event “Hunan in the Eyes of Mainstream Media from Countries along Maritime Silk Road”, focusing their special coverage on Hunan’s reform and innovative achievements and bilateral cooperation between ASEAN countries and Hunan.


Director Zhang briefed the guests on Hunan’s beautiful landscape, remarkable achievements in economic and social development, profound culture and future development plan. Zhang added that ASEAN countries and Hunan having a close geographical relationship are highly complementary in the economy and enjoy a solid foundation for cooperation. The exchange and cooperation between the two sides have been promoted significantly in recent years while the development of the Belt and Road Initiative are likely to bring more opportunities to them.The Belt and Road Initiative is a development strategy proposed by China to revive the ancient trade routes that span Asia, Africa and Europe. Zhang hoped the media delegation can continue its contribution to the media exchange between ASEAN countries and Hunan, so as to help build a good public opinion for further cooperation.


The delegation interviewed the officials from institutions and departments directly governed by Hunan Government on such issues as “How will Hunan support the Belt and Road Initiative?” and “What are the opportunities for cooperation between ASEAN countries and Hunan?” They viewed the interview tour as an important chance to learn and discover more about Hunan.


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ASEAN Journalists Impressed by Tongguan Kiln





Journalists from 11 different media from six ASEAN counties visited Changsha Tongguan Kiln on Oct. 25 as a part of the “Hunan in the Eyes of Mainstream Media from Countries along the Maritime Silk Road 2015”. They came to the kiln and experience pottery making.

For most of the journalists, it was their first visit to Hunan and also their first experience of making pottery. Malaysia National News Agency (Bernama) journalist was stumped when she tried to process the clay by a rotating machine. “To decorate the pottery and to fire it is more challenging, isn’t it?” she said.

Two journalists from Thailand National Channel were busy in recording their experience by presentation while kneading the pottery.

Jawa Post journalist was interested in the Clay Figure Liu’s works and was deeply impressed by the 22-year-old inheritor in the workshop. She was touched by such a young guy who inherited this ancient craftsmanship.

Tens of neighboring pottery shops on the Tongguan Street welcomed visitors to enjoy pottery making. Several foreign journalists spoke highly of this activity for it helps to transmit the pottery culture.

After this visit, the journalists expressed their willingness to report more about Hunan to give their friends and compatriots a better understanding of Hunan and call for experience of Hunan’s pottery making.

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ASEAN Journalists Feel Minority Culture at Border Town


A scene of “Border Town” performance about the heroine Cui Cui’s dream.


A scene of dragon boat race.


Thailand National Channel is reporting Fenghuang’s “tourism fever”.


Journalists of the mainstream media from six ASEAN countries visited Fenghuang Ancient City in western Hunan, appreciating the unique charm of this border town.

The guests were shocked by the 75-minute real-scene performance “Border Town”, which was adapted from Chinese great litterateur Shen Congwen’s masterpiece of the same name. The creative stage, distinctive national costumes, and beautiful music impressed the guests deeply and won prolonged applause.

News Director from Sin Chew Daily of Malaysia eagerly yearned to read the original work of “Broad Town” after the performance.

Thailand National Channel journalist was strongly impressed by the scene of dragon boat race. Thairath Newspaper reporter vowed to recommend this performance to Thailand people for its brilliant stage and designs.

Beyond that, the journalists were concerned with the protection and development of this ancient town. How to develop the town under the protection of government, and will this protection-development model be adopted in some other area? They interviewed the Marketing Director Tu Yan from Hunan Fenghuang Ancient Town Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. which has been entrusted to operate the tourism in this area since 2001.

Tu explained that the management, conservation and development were authorized and supported by the government, with all developing schemes based on conservation. The local governments have issued regulations and planning to protect the ancient architectures and control the scale of tourism, so as to avoid overdevelopment. As for the Fenghuang model, the first transnational real-scene performance is in preparation at the border between China and Vietnam, to be put on the stage next year, Tu claimed.

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