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15 July 2015

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News Coverage on the 12th Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade

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Xu Dazhe Talks on Further Cooperation with Taiwan Guests



Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Acting Governor of Hunan Province Xu Dazhe met with Rock Hsu, chairman of the CNFI, president of Kinpo Group, and vice chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) and his entourage on the afternoon of Nov. 23. They came to Hunan to attend the 12thHunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade. Vice Governor He Baoxiang also attended the meeting.

Xu welcomed the guests and introduced that the strategies of innovation-oriented development and the rise of Hunan via opening up were clearly put forward at the just-concluded 11th CPC Hunan Provincial Congress. Taiwan is the second largest foreign investor in Hunan, and the CNFI has great influence in Taiwan, he said, adding that the province sincerely expected the CNFI would give full play to its advantages and promote the economic and trade exchanges between Hunan and Taiwan through a series of activities such as summit forum, promotion and signing of investment projects, and inspection tours and visits, to further enhance Hunan-Taiwan economic and trade communication and make new contributions to cross-strait economic development. Hunan will, as always, create a favorable environment for the progress of Taiwan-funded enterprises in return, he added.

Mr. Hsu thanked Hunan for its long-term care and assistance in Taiwan-funded enterprises’ expansion. He believed that Hunan is a promising land for development, and the CNFI will accelerate related projects landing in Hunan and better serve as a bridge to further deepen economic and trade and personnel and talent exchanges between Hunan and Taiwan.

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Cross-Strait Memorial Ceremony Held to Worship Emperor Yan in Zhuzhou



More than 300 Chinese across the strait attended a cross-strait memorial ceremony to worship Emperor Yan in Yanling County, Zhuzhou City on Nov. 22, 2016.

Honored as Emperor Yan, the legendary figure was believed to have created a primitive form of agriculture in Neolithic time, teaching many how to grow and harvest plants as an alternative way of life to hunting.

At the ceremony, worshipers followed escorts to the worshipping site. At the altar of Emperor Yan, worshipers performed ancient music, offered sacrifices and bowed three times to pay tribute to the ancient emperor.

Fu Lei, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hunan Province, and Yang Weiguo, mayor of Zhuzhou presented flowers to Emperor Yan. President of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland (ATIEM) Zhang Hanwen delivered an elegiac address, expecting that Chinese people across the strait could carry forward the spirit of Emperor Yan to work together to achieve win-win results.

The ceremony was part of the 12th Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade. The Conference would fully utilize Zhuzhou’s advantages in environment, transportation and talents to promote industrial cooperation and achieve mutual benefits on both sides.

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Taiwan Media Speak Highly of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing



Reporters of more than 30 media visited Hunan’s leading intelligent manufacturers, including Maglev Express, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, and Sunward, during their stay for the 12th Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade from November 17 to 22, 2016.

Taiwan CTV reporter Zheng Huaichao was full of praise for the Changsha Maglev Express’ safety and comfort. The maglev express technology is advancing in Chinese mainland. He looked forward that Taiwan would introduce such maglev trains independently developed by Chinese mainland in the near future.

“The train is amazing that it can run another 10 km after 30-second charging! Moreover, 80% braking energy can be recycled!” Jinmen Xin Newspaper Chief Editor Cai Jianren was deeply impressed by such energy-saving and environmental friendly technology, and expected its operation in Taiwan one day.

Sunward’s light-sport aircrafts caught visitors’ eyes. “I see a promising prospect of Hunan’s industrial development, considering its leaping from ‘making’ to ‘intelligent manufacturing’”, said CTnews Campus Associated Chief Editor Wang Yafen. “It is prospective to develop gasoline-powered aircrafts for private use”, she added.

“Both Hunan and Taiwan are superior in intelligent manufacturing and electronics. Some Taiwan enterprises have settled in Hunan. This Conference provided chance for Taiwan enterprises to understand Hunan market, and further, demonstrated similarities and potential for cooperation between the two regions”, said Taiwan Business News Zhang Wenning.

“Hunan has been developing and making progress,” said Lv Tinghua, chief editor of the CTnews Campus. This Conference was the first large event in intelligent manufacturing field between Hunan and Taiwan. Three leading intelligent manufactures in Taiwan came for this occasion, to learn about Hunan’s achievements in the field. Lv expected a new platform for the cooperative development of Taiwan and Hunan enterprises would be established.

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12th Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade Kicks off



The Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade (the Conference) kicked off in Zhuzhou on the morning of Nov. 20, 2016.

Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Huang Lanxiang attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Vice Governor of Hunan Province He Baoxiang presided over the Conference. Assistant Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council Zhou Ning was present at the event.

The Conference witnessed the signing of 20 contracts on cooperation projects, involving agriculture, industrial manufacturing industry, and modern service industry.

“Hunan and Taiwan have been keeping a close relationship for years. Many Taiwan-invested enterprises have grown from small and weak ones to big and strong ones in Hunan,” said Huang in her speech. She added that up to this October, Hunan has approved 2,465 Taiwan-funded projects with a paid-in capital of 7.272 billion USD, ranking second in overseas capital introduction.

Huang remarked that Hunan is willing to share business opportunities with Taiwan investors, especially enhance exchange and cooperation in science and technology innovation, modern service industry, high-end manufacturing industry, and medium-sized and small enterprises, to achieve win-win results. She hoped that Taiwan people would learn more about Hunan and invest more in Hunan to promote cooperation and mutual benefits between the two sides.

Zhou Ning expected Taiwan investors present at the Conference would play a positive role in boosting Hunan’s development and exploring business opportunities, so as to promote the Conference to a high level.

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