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15 July 2015

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Song Dan Chinese Character Art Works Exhibited in Russia

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A 100-meter-long scroll written with the Hundred Family Surnames (Bai Jia Xing), a classic Chinese text composed of hundreds of common Chinese surnames, is displayed at a Chinese character art exhibition in Russia. (Photo/the Publicity Department of Yuhua District, Changsha)
An art exhibition of Chinese character art works by Chinese artist Song Dan opened in Irkutsk, Russia on August 13 local time. A 100-meter-long scroll written with the Hundred Family Surnames (Bai Jia Xing) is displayed.
According to Song Dan, this exhibition aims to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic ties. It is his 57th stop during his world tour exhibitions.
Russian visitors view the exhibits. (Photo/the Publicity Department of Yuhua District, Changsha)
“The surnames on the scroll are written in seal script (or decorative engraving script, an ancient style of writing Chinese characters) in the shape of a teapot. They look like teapots from a distance, and are Chinese characters as you take a close look”, said Song. In Changsha dialect, the pronunciation for "surname (xing) pot (hu)” is similar to that of "happiness" (xingfu). Therefore, it also implies "happiness in a hundred of families”.
"Visualization and symbolization can help Chinese characters to cross boundaries, and facilitate better communication and dissemination. These works are good example," said Song. He added that foreign friends may be not able to read Chinese characters, but most of them are familiar with tea and ceramics, which can pique their interest in Chinese characters.
Other exhibits include 10 calligraphy works interpreting Chinese wisdom, 20 Chinese characters creative works, 12 Chinese zodiac-based Chinese character works, and a Tao Te Ching (a Chinese classic text) calligraphy scroll. The exhibition runs until August 18, and will be held in many more Russian cities.