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15 July 2015

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Free Medical Services for Poverty-stricken Families in Yuanling County

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The photo above, taken on November 30, shows medical staff from the Institute of Health in Liangshuijing Town conducted a health checkup for a villager in Dongtou Village, Yuanling County. (Photo/Gong Xingfu)
There are 3,147 people from 983 poverty-stricken households included into the health record list of the institute. In recent years, in accordance with the general requirements of healthcare-oriented poverty alleviation, free medical examinations have been carried out for all the poorer people who were on the list. Recently, the medical staff made their rounds of visits to poor households at the remote villages such as Chenlongjie Village, Jiangxikou Village, and Dongtou Village, to provide health guidance and medical services for them.
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