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15 July 2015

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Consumer Rights Day Activities Around Changsha

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Changsha’s market supervision authority will provide on-site customer rights protection service at a number of crowded sites on March 15, the World Consumer Rights Day, also known as "3.15" in China.
In addition to accepting consumer complaints and giving suggestions, the authority will set consumer rights protection service stations at shopping malls, supermarkets, companies, and scenic spots. There are 496 such service stations in Changsha, to provide access to consumer complaints. In 2018, the stations accepted 15,000 consumer complaints, with the amount of money in controversy exceeding ten million CNY. 
On that day, on-site consumer rights protection service will be provided at:
Furong Distric: 3C Digimax Plaza 
Food and drug, quality supervision, tobacco, and financial authorities will answer inquires and accept consumer complaints on the site. 
Kaifu District: Street Square in front of LBX (Laobaixing) Pharmacy
A list of good faith enterprises, and blacklist of dishonest enterprises will be publicized. 
Liuyang: Liuyang River Square
Consumer complaints will be accepted on the site. 
Ningxiang: Huangcai Tanheli Scenic Area, Huitang Resort, and Huaminglou Scenic Area
Consumer complaints will be accepted on the site.
Tianxin District: Huangxing Pedestrian Street
The authority will accept consumer complaints on the site, and publicize to improve consumers’ financial awareness on liabilities, savings, and investment planning and management, and precaution awareness on individual and family uncertainties.  
Wangcheng District: Outlets Shopping Mall Tower Square
Publicity activities will focus on food and drug complaints, elevator safety, and distinguishing fake goods. 
Yuhua District: Wal-Mart Supercenter Changsha Yuhuating Branch Kaide Square
Yuelu District: square in front of the Redstar Macalline Yuelu Branch 
Consumer complaints will be accepted on the site. Publicity will be held on distinguishing fake goods. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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