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15 July 2015

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Changsha to Be More Child-friendly

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Recently, Changsha has done a lot to build itself into a “Child-friendly City”, such as drawing more than 10 zebra crossings near schools, and setting up over 200 baby-care rooms. On March 12, Ron Pouwels, chief of the Child Protection Division of UNICEF China, took an inspection tour to Changsha. Vice Mayor Liao Jianhua participated in the tour.
The concept of “Child-friendly City” was initiated by UNICEF. In 2015, Changsha determined to build itself into such city. After four-year efforts, Changsha has combined the “child-friendly city” goal with its urban planning, and formulated a three-year action plan, to boost the “Child-friendly City” co-construction momentum.
On March 12, the Chinese National Tree Planting Day, or Arbor Day, Liao Jianhua, Ron Pouwels, and student representatives planted a “children-friendly” themed tree in Bafang Park, and launched a WeChat public account. 
Liao Jianhua said that Changsha will further promote “Child-friendly City” construction and integrate it with Changsha’s high-quality development; and, respect children’s dreams and expectations, and improve urban development and governance for the sake of their happiness, so as to make the city more beautiful, livable, and friendly.
Ron Pouwels spoke highly of Changsha’s achievements in “Child-friendly City” construction, and vowed to support Changsha to build a most livable city for children.