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15 July 2015

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Over 600 Changsha Enterprises Make Large Purchases at the CIIE

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The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) entered its third day on November 7. Over 600 enterprises of the Changsha trade delegation continued their large purchases in Shanghai. Commercial retail enterprises keep a close eye on market consumption upgrading. Manufacturing enterprises expect to improve product quality and enhance international competitiveness by introducing high-end equipment and high-quality raw materials.
Among Changsha’s enterprises participating in this expo, wholesale and retail enterprises are in the majority, including Better Life Group, Friendship & Apollo, Tongcheng Group, Gaoqiao Grand Market, and Furong Xingsheng. Private enterprises are the "main force" of the Changsha trade delegation, accounting for more than 60 percent. They actively participated in the expo and took the expo as an important opportunity for their further innovation and development.
A variety of exhibits appeared at the expo, including intelligent high-end equipment, latest version of cars, electronic products, clothing and apparel, daily consumer goods, food and agricultural products. They became the focus of attention of many Changsha enterprises.
Changsha’s wholesale and retail enterprises have great demand for imported food and agricultural products. Enterprises, like Better Life Group and Gaoqiao Grand Market, have communicated with the food enterprises in Poland, Brazil, and Britain before the expo. They asserted their intention to purchase at the expo.