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15 July 2015

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Hunan in One Minute

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Hunan is at the intersection of China’s east coastal regions and the central and western areas, and connects the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the coastal economic belt. It has a lot of innovation “tags”, such as super hybrid rice, super computer, and ultra-high-speed rail transport. 

Here’s a one-minute video to showcase splendid and innovative Hunan, produced by the People’s Daily New Media Center and the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission Mobile Network Management Bureau. 
Part 1 What happens in Hunan in one minute?
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7 people walk into Yuelu Academy to admire its millennial culture. 
22 people stand on the south end of Orange Isle to see Xiangjiang River green down to the bed.
6 visitors climb up Yueyang Tower to see boundless Dongting Lake. 

123 visitors are amazed by the marvelous natural landscapes in Zhangjiajie.  

 139 kg Changde rice noodles are produced. 

An income of 1,489 USD is generated through exporting the ingenious porcelains. 

 30 stitches are made by an experienced Hunan embroiderer. 

 3.44 million audiences are watching Hunan TV. 

The Xiaoxiang 2 (TY-2) satellite orbits the earth for 0.01 circle. 
A Hunan-developed maglev train 2.0 moves forward for 2,667 meters. 
Zoomlion’s worldly tallest pumper transits 4 cubic meters of concrete.  
The new energy bus produced by the CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CRRC TEV) cuts 6.67 tons of carbon emission.
2,900 sqm of land are saved from soil erosion.
4,212 tons of cargo are transported on the highways all over the province.
Part 2  Splendid Hunan after 40-year reform and opening-up
Looking back the long history in the Hunan Museum. 
Tracing back the crowded months and years of endeavor. 
Tasting spicy Hunan cuisine, and understand Hunan people’s enthusiasm. 
Appreciating a piece of Flower-Drum opera to learn about Hunan culture. 
Sowing the seeds and expecting for harvest with “Father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
Translator: Pang Yuehui
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