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15 July 2015

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Hunan Achievements in “Year of Industrial Projects Construction”

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This year marks the “Year of Industrial Projects Construction” in Hunan. The province, instead of relying on infrastructure investment to stimulate economic growth in the past, has saw industrial projects construction as the priority. The business environment continued to be optimized, the investment has been fully introduced to, and the Top 500 enterprise projects have been in progress in Hunan.
In the first half of 2018, Hunan’s fixed asset investment increased by 10.3%, 4.3 percentage points higher than the national average. The growth rate ranked 12th nationwide. Industrial and private investment grew by 23.4% and 20.7% respectively, up 18.4 and 9.2 percentage points than the same period last year.
Between January and July, the province has attracted 105 projects of 74 “Three Categories of Top 500 Enterprises”, with a total investment of 304.57 billion CNY and an introduced capital of 275.05 billion CNY. As for the “Year of Industrial Projects Construction”, its goal of introducing more than 100 top 500 projects and attracting a total investment scale of more than 100 billion CNY in the year has been realized in advance.
In the first half of this year, the Hunan provincial high-tech industry kept maintaining a steady growth momentum. Structurally, the aerospace technology and high-tech service sectors are developing relatively fast, with the added value increasing by 26.7% and 12.2% respectively.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
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