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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s Water Conservancy Projects Perform Well in Drought Resistance

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Most places of Hunan, especially some areas in central part, has suffered from severe drought since the late June. The water conservancy projects in the province have given a full play to prevent and fight against drought, effectively alleviating drought and reducing losses. 
Due to a lack of rainfalls for a long time, the water stored in water conservancy projects was less than expected. In light of such situation, the Flood Control and Drought Relief Offices and the Departments of Water Resources at various levels have been making great efforts to increase the volume of water by means of retaining back flood and artificial precipitation. Up till now, the irrigation-focused water conservancy projects have stored 11.467 billion cubic meters of water, 26% less than the same period of past years but 20% more than 2013 which was regarded as the year of drought. 
Drinking water projects can guarantee the safety of domestic water in rural areas. Currently, Hunan has 36,600 centralized rural water supply projects, providing safe water to about 39 million people. Governments at various levels have attached great attention to guarantee the safety of drinking water, and intensify project construction so as to effectively solve the problem of drinking water in arid areas. 
Irrigation projects are the fundamental guarantee to agricultural production. Hunan now has 73,200 irrigation projects, covering an irrigation area of about 40 million mu (2,666,667 hectares). Since this year, the Flood Control and Drought Relief Offices at various levels have reasonably coordinated electric power departments and irrigation management departments based on the water stored at the reservoirs, efficiently ensuring farm irrigation within the covered irrigation areas. 
Emergency water resource projects are the last guarantee to fight against drought. Hunan has built emergency water resource projects in 34 counties, cities and districts from 2014 to 2016, which have played a significant role in drought resistance. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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