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15 July 2015

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Vice Governor He Baoxiang Inspects Environmental Protection and Project Construction in Yueyang

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On August 7, Vice Governor He Baoxiang, and chiefs of the Hunan Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce and other departments visited Yueyang.

They conducted an environmental inspection and studied about key projects’ construction. Mr. He urged that all departments should strictly follow General Secretary Xi Jinping’s guideline of “promoting well-coordinated environmental conservation and avoiding excessive development” to build a beautiful new Hunan.

In the morning, the delegation inspected the construction of sewage pipe network at the Mahao Sewage Plant of Dongfeng Lake; the cleanup of black poplars in the Eastern Dongting Lake Natural Reserve of Junshan District; and pollution prevention at East Huarongqiao Sewage Treatment Plant and Malisi Sewage Treatment Plant.

He stressed that great attention should be attached to the feedbacks of the central government’s environmental protection inspection teams. Related departments should earnestly complete all rectified tasks and objectives to achieve both ecological protection and economic development.

In the afternoon, they made an on-site research to the project of Refined and Deep Processing of Grain & Oil and Logistics Industry Park of Herun Group in Chenglingji New Port Area (Phase One), and HIT Robot Group Yueyang Co., Ltd.

At the symposium held later on, He said that based on new concepts, modes, and measures, Chenglingji New Port Area is required to accelerate project progress, promote project implementation, and speed up project layout and upgrading.

It should also make full use of its advantages to attract investment for concentrated development. With advanced technologies developed by themselves, project owners have to learn how to open and segment a market, and how to conduct marketing so that their industrial projects can be more competitive and promising.