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15 July 2015

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Israeli Enterprises Seek Economic and Trade Cooperation in Hunan

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The cooperation between Hunan and Israeli enterprises have entered into a new development period. The first China (Hunan)-Israel Innovation Technology Trade and Economy Matchmaking Symposium was held in Changsha on June 6, 2018. Almost a hundred of Israeli companies attended the event and participated in inspection tour in Hunan. Seven projects were signed successfully at the symposium. 
It was co-organized by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee, the People’s Government of Yiyang City, and the Changsha National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is hoped that through the convening of the symposium, science and technology, and economic and trade exchanges between both sides will be enhanced; and the development of key industries such as health care, electronic information, and clean technology strengthened. Centering on Israel, one of the “Belt and Road” countries, it highlights talent and technology introduction, and professionals training. Various events including roadshow, matchmaking meeting, inspection tour, and exchanges were held. It aims to have those projects that Hunan’s industries and enterprises need the most integrated deeply with Israel’s advanced science and technology.
Seven projects have been successfully signed at the matchmaking conference, including the following ones:
Israeli BSP Medical will establish a joint venture with China-Israel Biology;
Israeli BestBrain will establish a joint venture with China-Israel Biology;
Israeli Nicast will establish a joint venture with China-Israel Biology on wound dressing system;
Equity transfer project between Israeli RMDY and China-Israel Biology;
Israeli IDE Science and Technology Company will conduct research on the field of ice and snow along with Zhuzhou’s Olympjoy Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;
Water treatment project between Israeli Fluence Corporation and Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.;
The Bank of Changsha will establish Lugu international health care industry fund with China-Israel Biology and Southwest Securities, Hunan Branch.
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