Yield Increase Benefits the Locals in Youxian County

On August 7, villagers pick yellow peach for sale in the yellow peach industry poverty alleviation demonstration base in Jiangchong Village, Luanshan Town, Youxian County, Zhuzhou City. 
In recent years, the village has taken such measures as land transfer and ‘company plus peasant households’ pattern. Eighty-seven poor village households have therefore been led to plant yellow peach of over 400 mu. They were all lifted out of poverty last year. Now, the annual yield of yellow peach in the whole village has reached 35,000 kilos. Growers can receive an increased income of 3,000 CNY annually on average. (Photo by Tang Jun, Hunan Daily) 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
Translator: Fang Qi 
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