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Hunan Promotes Intelligent Manufacturing

Currently, 21 Hunan projects listed in the Intelligent Manufacturing Special Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology started construction. This includes CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.’s intelligent manufacturing bogie project. 
It has a total investment of 4.88 billion CNY. The 21 projects received 258 million CNY from the national central government. These projects help facilitate the intelligent transformation of Hunan’s manufacturing industry. 
In recent years, Hunan has focused on intelligent manufacturing development and tried to make it a strong manufacturer. To achieve this goal, a leading group, with Hunan’s governor as the group leader, has been established. An expert advisory committee consisting of academicians has been established. These efforts enable Hunan to integrate with the “Made in China 2025” strategy, and implement the "Intelligent Manufacturing Projects" special action agenda.
Presently, Hunan has 25 certified provincial-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration companies, 20 demonstration workshops, and more than 100 municipal-level demonstration enterprises. Among them, 9 Hunan enterprises, such as Sany Group and Wasion Group, have been listed as “national smart manufacturing demonstration zones”. 
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