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Kaifu District “City Stops” Open


The photo above taken on January 11, 2018 shows the newly-opened “City Stop” on the South Binjiang Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City. The first batch of city stops in Kaifu District are put into use on the same day, to facilitate the citizens’ daily life. (Photo/ Guo Liliang)

The “City Stop”, equipped with TV set, air conditioner, microwave oven, restroom, and WiFi access, is a project initiated by the Kaifu District Government for the people’s livelihood convenience. Highlighting “serving front-line workers, providing citizens with resting venue, and building a happy Kaifu District”, the City Stops integrate such five functions as dining, resting, studying, communication, and emergency response.

There are four city stops being built in the Kaifu District in the first batch. Except the Jinxia Stop, the other three have already been completed and open to the public at the same time. They are: Beichen Stop close to the Beichen Binjiang Cultural Park, Qifeng Road Stop near the entrance to the Yuedao Community Park Square, and South Binhe Road Stop diagonally opposite the Liuyanghe Residential District Office. Citizens in need, especially the front-line workers in gardens, sanitation, and traffic police, can get help from the stop between 8:00 to 20:00.

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