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Parking Lots Set for Shared Bicycles


Changsha took the lead in Hunan by operating its first batch of shared bicycle parking lots on March 18, 2017. These parking lots are open to both shared and private bicycles.

One of the first was in front of Wanda Plaza where the sign read “Bicycle Parking Places (Public and Private)”. Nearly 100 bikes were already parked here.

Wanda Plaza and ID Mall were two of the first locations for ofo shared bikes. Four staffers at each location provide assistance and bike maintenance. Any bike can be parked at any location.

This initiative method of shared and managed bicycle parking provides more orderly parking and increase bicycle usage. Next, such parking lots will be set in more areas, such as college town in Yuelu District, ofo Changsha manager said.

Hunan’s first bicycle-sharing service began at Hunan University last September. Statistics to date show that there are nearly 100,000 public bikes in Changsha.

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