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Xiluodu Hydropower Station to Benefit Hunan with its Digitized Operation

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On May 4, the Xiluodu Hydropower Station, the second largest one in China, unlocked the water gate and impounded as scheduled, marking the general completion of the first 300-meter high digital dam in the country and laying a foundation for the punctual operation of the first batch of domestic large-scale units in June, 2013.


Located in the Jinsha River, Xiluodu boasts a barrage with concrete double-curvature arch dam, a basic construction frame of 324.50 meters high, a dam crest of 610 meters high, and maximum dam height of 285.5 meters.


Hunan Branch of the Sinohydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd. engaged itself in the construction as the unique largest dealer of this regard in China, undertaking the civil work and installation of metal structure with a total contract value of 3.005 billion yuan. Its General Manager Zhu Suhua said that there has been around 3,000 workers at work for this project since April, 2007, most of whom are from Hunan Province.”


By 2020, the Xiluodu-Zhuzhou Ultra HVDC Project will have been finished as well, greatly alleviating the pressure of electricity shortage in Hunan.


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Translator: Li Xuan


Chinese source: hn.chinanews.com