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15 July 2015

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[Fine Arts] Chrysanthemum Stone Carving


As a kind of natural appreciating stone and a valuable carving material, chrysanthemum stone is named after the chrysanthemum textures on the rocks, boasting of over two hundred years history of exploitation and utilization. Hunan's Liuyang City is the earliest known habitat of the stone.

Liuyang chrysanthemum stone, paralleled with Fujian's Shoushan stone carving, Zhejiang's Qingtian stone carving, Sichuan's Guangyuan stone carving, are listed as the Four Stone Carvings in China.

The artistic styles of chrysanthemum stone are as follows: individualized based on the shape of the rocks; symbolic as to see big in small things; the carvings are schemed on the chrysanthemum and combined with the natural scenery. The entire sculpture is concise and clear, and stands out the chrysanthemum.

To evaluate a piece of chrysanthemum stone, one should take chrysanthemum, shapes and handcraft into consideration.


The chrysanthemum is to be assessed first, then it should be judged whether the style is designed according to the reading materials. Handicraft, which varies with the subject and the design, is note worthy. Generally, different engraving methods such as engraving lines, reliefs, circular sculptures and hollow carvings can be mixed and matched.